Interdisciplinary Science Major

Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science

Because of the increasing importance of science and technology in our daily lives, Florida Tech has recognized the need for an interdisciplinary science major in the sciences that allows a student to enroll in a wide variety of science and engineering courses, supplemented by certain core courses and carefully chosen electives. The most important characteristics of the interdisciplinary science major are it is flexible, tailored to the individual student’s needs and emphasizes broad training in science. The graduate will have a well-rounded expertise in science and its place in society, and will have acquired specific tools for his or her career. Because of the freedom to customize the program, most students graduate with one or more minors in addition to the bachelor’s degree.

The interdisciplinary science major is intended for students who plan graduate study in professional fields, those who are interested in a broad-based degree oriented toward the sciences or engineering, former science and engineering students who want a degree with wider scope and students seeking military careers.

Graduates normally seek employment opportunities in aerospace, environmental science, medicine and health technology, personnel administration, purchasing, development, management, the military, social work or marketing; in general, a wide variety of positions requiring an interdisciplinary background, as well as opportunities for advanced study, especially in the professional fields.

Because of the great flexibility of the interdisciplinary science major, it is important that a student plan his or her program with an advisor as soon as possible. The student’s capstone committee will be composed of those faculty deemed most appropriate to the student’s goals and objectives. A committee normally consists of three members, including the advisor.

The basic requirements of the degree are given below, followed by a sample four-year program. The interdisciplinary science courses are chosen by the student to conform to his or her program plan. These courses must have the approval of the student’s advisor. Each four year program is tailored to the student’s specific needs and developed during the first semester. If the objectives change, modifications of the plan of study will be allowed if approved by the student’s advisor. During the final semester, as part of the capstone experience, the student is required to write and present a paper.

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