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Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science–Aeronautics

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science-Aeronautics is conferred on students who successfully complete 125 semester credit hours of study shown in the program of study outlined here. The interdisciplinary science-aeronautics major provides options to students wishing to pursue careers in the aeronautics industry. Students interested in flight should see the Aeronautical Science - Flight, B.S. program offered by the College of Aeronautics.

The degree is flexible, tailored to the individual student’s needs and emphasizes broad training in science. The graduate will have a well-rounded expertise in science and aeronautics, and will have acquired specific career tools. Because of the freedom to customize the program, most students graduate with one or more minors in addition to the bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary science.

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