Civil Engineering Major

Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

The curriculum for the civil engineering major is designed to prepare students for professional careers and graduate school. During the first two years, emphasis is placed on foundation courses in chemistry, mathematics, physics and engineering mechanics, augmented by practice-oriented civil engineering courses. The introductory civil engineering courses include field trips and introduction to various disciplines of civil engineering. The CAD lab course, using the latest CAD software, provides knowledge that is applied in the rest of the curriculum, as do the engineering materials and construction measurement courses.

During the second and third years, emphasis is on courses in the main disciplines of civil engineering (construction, environmental/water resources, geotechnical, structures and transportation) that further develop analytical skills in preparation for design courses in the last two years. The emphasis in the third and fourth years is on design. The curriculum provides flexibility in the form of restricted electives and a technical/business elective that allow further depth in a discipline of choice, or further breadth.

Altogether, civil engineering majors are required to take five civil engineering laboratory courses to understand concepts and to learn, firsthand, what works and what does not. Each student is also required to be part of a multidisciplinary design project team that identifies, formulates and designs a real-world project. In this course, students must assemble information from previous courses. To enhance the application of their engineering skills to accomplish societal goals, technical courses in the third and fourth years incorporate leadership, teamwork, oral and written communication and ethics. Mandatory electives in the humanities and social sciences provide a broader understanding of the professional work environment, human history and culture.

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