Ask a Panther Pro: Magnetic Levitation

Want to learn from the expert? Listen to Dr. Gutierrez as he talks about what magnetic levitation is!

Are you a future rocket scientist?

Check out why every future rocket scientist should join Florida Tech's Student Rocket Society!

Crash Test Smarty

David FlemingDr. David Fleming is a professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering and the coordinator for the Florida Tech Structural Mechanics Lab. The lab allows him and his students to study crashes of vehicles and the computer modeling of structures.

Learn more about Dr. Fleming in his Florida Tech Faculty Profile.

The Metal Detector

Dr. GlicksmanDr. Martin Glicksman can tell you everything you need to know about the solidification of metals and semiconductors, atomic diffusion processes and microstructure evolution. He brings his impressive career experiences into the classrooms of mechanical and aerospace students.

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Choose Florida Tech as an Aerospace Engineering University

Gain Access to Aerospace Companies at Kennedy Space Center

The ABET accredited aerospace engineering program at Florida Tech is a challenging course of study that offers students a chance to tackle compelling, relevant engineering problems using cutting-edge engineering tools and laboratory equipment.

Small Class Sizes and Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio

One of the reasons why students choose Florida Tech as their aerospace engineering university is because the academic environment in the College of Engineering is conducive to student success and personalized one-on-one attention from professors. This is made possible by small class size. Florida Tech boasts low student-to-faculty ratios in all of its programs, while providing a high quality curriculum. Working alongside professors in internships and research also gives students a more robust learning experience.

Dive In To Your Major Freshman Year

What sets Florida Tech apart from another aerospace engineering university is that students are introduced to aircraft design in their first year compared to other schools that reserve that as a junior or senior year experience. You can expect to learn basic machining; use software to build models and analyze real aerospace parts and systems; and design, build and test your own model airplane or rocket.

Leaders in Cutting-Edge Aerospace Research

All of our professors share a special dedication to teaching and working with students. They have many years of relevant background in aerospace systems and are leaders in cutting-edge aerospace research. Unlike another aerospace engineering university you might consider, two of our professors are Boeing Welliver Faculty Fellows and three are American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Associate Fellows. In addition, one of our professors recently received the coveted AIAA Faculty Advisor of the Year award.

With this panel of distinguished professors, undergraduate students participate in valuable research as a vital part of an aerospace engineering university experience. Research projects and relevant hands-on workshops in the classroom involve concepts and systems at the forefront of engineering. Currently, students are conducting research collected onboard the International Space Station.

High-Tech Laboratories & Facilities

As an aerospace engineering university, Florida Tech ensures that students work and study in outstanding experimental facilities. These include wind tunnels to study scaled models of airplanes and aerospace parts, shock tubes for high speed and high temperature flow studies, a rocket and gas turbine engine thrust stand, a variety of apparatus for structural and materials testing and modern state-of-the-art software for computer aided design.

In addition, Florida Tech gives students yet another reason why they should choose it as their aerospace engineering university.

Great Florida Location in the Heart of the World's Gateway to Space Exploration

Florida Tech is truly the ideal aerospace engineering university because of its position in the heart of the Space Coast, near NASA Kennedy Space Center, the world's premier gateway to space exploration. In addition to the many academic benefits our students gain at Florida Tech, the university also has connections to world-leading aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin, Space X and Harris Corporation. These relationships enable our students to form valuable connections that lead to future career opportunities.

Florida Tech's central Florida location is just minutes from 72 miles of beautiful beaches, and a short trip to the Florida Keys or Orlando theme parks. Students enjoy a wealth of local entertainment options as well as student clubs, intramural sports and social activities. For all these reasons, Florida Tech is the aerospace engineering university of choice.