Bachelor of Science
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Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Mission Statement

The construction management major at Florida Tech is administered by the College of Engineering and has been developed to provide a curriculum that meets the specific needs of the expanding construction industry in Florida and throughout the United States. The construction industry requires professionals who understand the basics of civil engineering coupled with a substantial understanding of business subjects such as project management, contracting, budgeting and cost control. The construction management major has been designed with input from senior construction industry professionals who are members of the Construction Industry Advisory Board at Florida Tech. The curriculum meets Florida Tech's core requirements, functions within the institutional framework established for all Florida Tech programs and is consistent with the institutional mission and assessment procedures of the university.

The main objective of the construction management major is to provide an education that will lead to a leadership role in the construction industry, while preparing students to become responsible members of society. The curriculum is responsive to current social, economic and technical developments in the field of construction, and reflects the application of evolving knowledge in construction management and the behavioral and quantitative sciences. The program incorporates current and developing curricula that reflect evolving changes in construction technology and management trends, and the goals of the program closely reflect the needs of society and the construction profession.


The curriculum consists of 13 courses designed specifically for the construction industry and 31 existing courses, for a total of 44 courses and 127 credit hours of instruction. The construction management major is designed to prepare students for immediate employment as construction management professionals, rather than as civil engineering design professionals.

The construction management major is designed to prepare students for professional careers and graduate school. During the first two years, the emphasis is on foundation courses in chemistry, mathematics, physics, engineering mechanics and business, augmented by practice-oriented civil engineering courses. The introductory construction courses include field trips and introduce the various disciplines of engineering and business management employed in the construction industry. The CAD laboratory course uses the latest CAD software, provides knowledge that is applied in the rest of the curriculum and serves as the basis for understanding, interpreting and using construction plans and specifications in construction operations.

During the second and third years, emphasis is on specific technical courses designed to provide a working knowledge of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering methods used in the design of both horizontal and vertical projects and in construction practice. In addition, business and management courses are added to develop analytical skills needed for making business and technical decisions during construction operations. The technical and business courses in the third and fourth years emphasize leadership, teamwork, oral and written communication, and ethics. The fourth year focuses on the application of these skills to real-world problems with emphasis on societal impacts and the integration of all skills into a seamless and profitable project scenario.

During the senior year, construction management majors are required to be part of a multidisciplinary project team that identifies, formulates and designs a real-world construction project. In this capstone course, students must assemble information from previous courses to enhance the application of their technical and management skills to accomplish project and societal goals. Mandatory electives in humanities and social sciences provide a broader understanding of the professional work environment, human history and culture. The curriculum provides flexibility in the form of restricted and technical/business electives that allow further depth and breadth in a discipline of choice.

Freshman Year

ASC 1000 University Experience 1
CHM 1101 General Chemistry 1 4
COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
CON 1004 Construction Plan Reading
CVE 1000 Introduction to Civil Engineering 3
MTH 1000 Precalculus 4


BUS 1301 Basic Economics
COM 1102 Writing About Literature 3
CVE 1001 Computer Applications Lab 1
MTH 1001 Calculus 1 4
OCN 2602 Environmental Geology 3
   Free Elective 1

Sophomore Year

BUS 2211 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
COM 2223 Scientific and Technical Communication 3
CON 2001 Construction Methods and Operations
HUM 2051 Civilization 1 3
PHY 1999 Physical Concepts for Construction 4
PHY 2091 Physics Laboratory 1 1


BUS 2601
Legal and Social Environments of Business
BUS 2212 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
CON 2000 Statics and Mechanics for Construction
CVE 2080
Construction Measurements
   Humanities Core Course*

  Junior Year

BUS 2703 Statistics for Business 3
CON 3001 Building Structures and Structural Systems
CVE 3012 Engineering Materials 3
CVE 3013 Engineering Materials Lab 1
   Humanities Elective 3
   Technical Elective 3


BUS 3501 Management Principles 3
BUS 3705 Managing Small Business 3
CON 3000 Construction Soils
CON 3002 Building Mechanical and HVAC Systems 3
   Technical Elective 3

Senior Year

CON 4000 Construction Controls: Budget, Schedule and Quality 3
CON 4003 Construction Estimating, Bidding and Value Engineering
CON 4005 Construction Safety 3
CON 4091 Construction Project Proposal (Q) 1
CVE 4000 Engineering Economy and Planning 3
   Technical Elective 3


CON 4001 Building Electrical and Electronic Systems 3
CON 4002 Construction Equipment and Safety
CON 4092 Construction Project (Q)
CVE 4074 Leading Construction Operations 3
   Business Elective 3


*Humanities Core Courses
HUM 2052 Civilization 2: Renaissance Through Modern
HUM 2142 World Art History 2: Early Modern to Post-Colonial  
HUM 2212 British and American Literature 1  
HUM 2213 British and American Literature 2
HUM 2331 American History: Pre-Columbian to Civil War Era
HUM 2332 American History: From Reconstruction to the Present

Not all humanities core courses are offered online or every term; check the current schedule of classes for humanities core options.


Business Electives
BUS 3401 Corporate Finance 3
BUS 3504 Management Information Systems 3
BUS 3601 Marketing Principles 3
BUS 4212 Environmental Auditing 3
BUS 4425 Environmental and Urban Planning 3
BUS 4426 Environmental and Resource Economics 3
BUS 4503 Business Ethics 3


Technical Electives CREDITS
AVM 3201 Aviation Planning 3
AVT 4301 Aviation Safety 3
CHE 3170 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3
CHE 4284 Industrial Safety 3
ENS 4010 Geographic Information Systems 3
ENS 4300 Renewable Energy and the Environment 3
ENS 4700 Environmental Hydrology (senior standing required) 3
ENS 4701 Environmental Regulations and Impact Assessment (senior standing required)   3