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Times Higher Education ranks Florida Tech a Top 20 Small University in the World! 

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Florida Tech Fiske Guide to CollegesFlorida Tech is one of just nine public and private schools in Florida recognized by the Fiske Guide to Colleges. The Fiske Guide places Florida Tech in the "inexpensive" category for private schools and lists it under the heading, "Engineering/Top Technical Institutes."

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Florida Tech College Salary ReportThe current College Salary Report ranks Florida Tech graduates' mid-career median salaries in first place among Florida universities. Other national universities with salaries for graduates similar to Florida Tech's include Columbia, Yale, Brown and Johns Hopkins.

Check out more of Florida Tech's rankings and accolades. lists Florida Tech among the Best in U.S. for Return on Investment.

Check out more of Florida Tech's rankings and accolades.

Computer Science Careers Are In Demand in Every Market Segment

Today's Digital Age Demands Software, Web and Computer Experts in Business

Computer science careers are currently among the most popular for college graduates, primarily because the demand for qualified software developers, web designers, computer systems analysts and database administrators, to name a few, has never been higher.

Career Outlook

Computer science careers involve a variety of duties including inventing and designing new technology or finding new uses for existing technology. Computer scientists might explore issues in computation, invent new software languages, analyze methods to improve the way we work with computers or improve computer algorithms that become the foundation for advancements in technology (such as cloud computing).

The Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides detailed information about specific jobs including median annual pay, working conditions and job outlook, among other things.

According to the bureau, computer science careers are projected to grow 19 percent through 2020, as companies continue to add personnel to develop software controls for complicated electronics, improve hardware operations and manage larger and larger amounts of data. From cars to large equipment to hand-held devices, there is a growing emphasis to create advanced technologies as well as find innovative ways to prevent attacks, manage cyber security and track hackers. Check the handbook for computer science careers.

Career Options

  • Software Designer and Developer
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer and Information System Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Network Administrator

Potential Employers

Students who graduate with a degree in computer science find computer science careers in all sectors of the economy and have gone on to work for:

  • Electronic Arts (EA Games)
  • General Electric
  • Google
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Mozilla
  • NSA
  • Zynga

Entry-Level Salary Expectations

Entry-level computer science salaries are reported by to be $58,400 with opportunity to grow to $100,000. is an online salary information company that provides accurate real-time information on job market compensation. Similar occupations also have attractive entry-level salaries including:

Information Technology: $48,900 - $81,700
Computer Information Systems: $49,000 - $84,800
Information Systems: $50,900 - $86,700

Check for the most recent information on these and other careers.

Graduate Degree Programs

Students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in computer science at Florida Tech before choosing computer science careers have gone on to study fields such as:

  • Database Development
  • Computer Vision
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Networks
  • Information Management