Research: Be a Test Dummy

Florida Tech researchDr. Winkelmann evaluates students' learning and attitudes in a virtual chemistry laboratory!

Check out this research and more at Florida Tech's Research Portal!

Blog: Cyber Threat Tool

Cyber Threats

Cyber Security Students Benefit from VINE in the Classroom. Tool Developed by Florida Tech Mimics Real-World Cyber Threats.

Videos: Student Design Projects

Project-based learning through student design gives students an experiential platform that helps them acquire highly sought-after workplace skills.

Computer Science Internships With High-Tech Firms Build Expertise

Work With Researchers on Relevant Industry Topics in Security, Networks and More

Participating in a wide array of computer science internships, research projects, competitions and professional clubs, our students never have a shortage of ways to become involved in activities that enhance their degree.

Computer science internships are a hands-on way that Florida Tech students engage with professionals in their chosen career field. This valuable learning opportunity builds skills and a highly competitive resume that equips students for the future. Top companies collaborate with Florida Tech to offer computer science internships including:

  • Harris Corp.
  • Microsoft
  • NASA
  • Northrop Grumman

Florida Tech students are encouraged to pursue multiple computer science internships during their academic careers to prepare for the working world.

Hands-On Research Experience

Well-qualified computer science students are invited to join faculty teams researching a variety of different topics within the field. Our computer science faculty is made up of active and internationally known researchers in the fields of software testing, information assurance (cyber security) and intelligence systems who are gathering data on several topics, including:

  • Computer security
  • Intelligent systems
  • Computer vision
  • Complex networks
  • Distributed negotiations

Several state-of-the-art computing laboratories and a full suite of software development tools are freely available to all computer science students. A number of special-purpose laboratories are available to students doing advanced research as well. Seniors complete a capstone project that challenges them to design, develop, program and present a novel software application.

Research opportunities like these allow Florida Tech students to gather hands-on experience in their field before they graduate. Students can also conduct research during their computer science internships.

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Degree

Florida Tech students can choose to take part in a plethora of clubs, organizations and honor societies related to computer science. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a professional student organization that encourages members to network with other computer scientists from around the country. ACM also holds workshops and a "CS Fest" to promote interest in the field.

Members of Florida Tech's chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (better known as FIT-IEEE) stress the importance of education, networking, research and friendship during their studies. They also compete in robotics competitions and other team-based projects.

Video gamers and science fiction fans can also join the Florida Tech Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy (FITSFF) to take part in gaming competitions, science fiction movie watching nights, and other group activities to make connections with students from other departments with similar interests.

These organizations, research opportunities and computer science internships are just a few of the ways Florida Tech engages students in their educational career.