Travel, network and have fun!

Florida Tech CABECABE (Collegiate Aviation Business Executives) facilitates a networking relationship with the students and the aviation industry with events and opportunities to travel to professional conferences, seminars, airport tours, airline facility tours, networking events and airshows!

Florida Tech Women in Aviation

Florida Tech Women in AviationThis student organization has over thirty women and a few guys too! Their main purpose is to plan group events, collect scholarships, find internships and help each other find employment. What else could you ask for?

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Hands-On Experience & Aviation Computer Science Internships

Aviation computer science students learn high-level software and programming skills. In aviation applications, students complete projects in designing airports, airport terminals, noise studies and CAD.

Florida Tech students obtain aviation computer science internship positions thanks to the College of Aeronautics' vast alumni network. Many students participate in an internship over one or more summers while at Florida Tech. Aviation computer science internship positions with an airline are an ideal opportunity for students to see how the skills they use at Florida Tech are useful in the real world.

Some of the companies that provide these internships include:

  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Harris Corp.
  • Southwest Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • The National Business Aviation Association
  • Various Airports

Gain Experience Designing Airports and Terminals

Florida Tech students not only participate in an aviation computer science internship but also learn high-level software and programming skills with experience in aviation programs and applications used around the world. Using computer-aided design (CAD) programs students complete projects in designing airports and airport terminals, as well as conduct experiments such as noise studies. Special laboratories support cutting-edge research projects in topics like computer security, intelligent systems, computer vision, complex networks and distributed negotiations.

Aviation computer science students can also collaborate with other computer science majors to take part in projects and competitions that fit their interests and career goals or take part in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) program. ATC students gain hands-on experience with industry-standard air traffic control programs, and are able to bypass certain training courses after graduation. These experiences along with an aviation computer science internship give students a well-rounded education for a career in aviation computer science.

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Degree

Florida Tech's Falcon Precision Flight Team is a student organization dedicated to competing in both flying and ground challenges relating to aviation. The team holds campus-wide events to promote aviation safety among students and faculty of all disciplines.

Women in Aviation is an organization made up of both women and men dedicated to advancing women in the world of aviation and help them obtain aviation computer science internship positions and careers throughout the industry.