Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management

The curriculum for the aviation management major prepares the graduate for an aviation management career focused on airport management and development, and air transportation management. Graduates are provided with a solid educational foundation in aviation, business, airport management and development, and air transportation management appropriate for a challenging career in the international aviation industry. Graduates may qualify for the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business fast track program by selecting appropriate business course electives.

Freshman Year

ASC 1000 University Experience 1
AVS 1201 Aviation Meteorology 3
AVT 1001 Aeronautics 1 3
COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
MTH 1000 Precalculus 4
PSY 1411 Introduction to Psychology 3


AVS 1102 Introduction to Aviation Chemical Science 1
AVT 1303 Aviation History 1
AVT 2201 National Airspace System 3
COM 1102 Writing about Literature 3
CSE 1301 Introduction to   Computer Applications (CL) 3
MTH 1603 Applied Calculus and Statistics 3
   Free Elective 2

  Sophomore Year

AVS 2101 Aviation Physical Science 3
AVT 2303 Aviation Career Planning 1
BUS 2211 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
BUS 2303 Macroeconomics 3
COM 2012 Research Sources and Systems 1
COM 2224 Business and Professional Writing 3
HUM 2051 Civilization 1 3


BUS 2212 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 2304 Microeconomics 3
BUS 2601 Legal and Social Environments of Business 3
BUS 3501 Management Principles 3
   Humanities Core Course* 3

Junior Year

AVM 3201 Aviation Planning 3
BUS 3401 Corporate Finance 3
BUS 3601 Marketing Principles 3
COM 3070 Professional Communication for Executives 3
   Humanities Elective 3


AVM 3202 Airport Design 3
AVM 3303 Transportation Logistics 3
BUS 3503 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 3504 Management Information Systems 3
   Restricted Elective (AVx or BUS) 3

Senior Year

AVM 4201 Aviation Advanced Computer Applications (CL) 3
AVM 4301 Aviation Labor Law and Employment Standards 3
AVM 4501 Air Transportation Management 3
AVS 4304 Aviation Security 3
AVT 4301 Aviation Safety 3


AVM 4204 CAD for Airport Environments 3
AVM 4302 Aviation Law 3
AVM 4502 Aviation Business Simulation (Q) 3
AVM 4701 Airport Management 3
BUS 4502 Organizational Behavior and Theory 3


*Humanities Core Courses
HUM 2052 Civilization 2: Renaissance Through Modern  
HUM 2142 World Art History 2: Early Modern to Post-Colonial
HUM 2212 British and American Literature 1
HUM 2213 British and American Literature 2
HUM 2331 American History: Pre-Columbian to Civil War Era
HUM 2332 American History: From Reconstruction to the Present  

Not all humanities core courses are offered online or every term; check the current schedule of classes for humanities core options.

Air Traffic Control Program

The college offers an air traffic control (ATC) specialization in conjunction with any of its seven bachelor's degrees. The ATC specialization meets the requirements of the FAA's Air Traffic–Collegiate Training Initiative (AT–CTI) program and is FAA-approved.

This program provides graduates with in-depth knowledge of ATC and the aviation industry to ensure graduates possess the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in testing and training, and as air traffic controllers.

While no AT–CTI program graduates are guaranteed employment, the FAA considers these graduates to be a valuable hiring source for air traffic control specialist positions nationwide. On successful completion of this program and recommendation from the dean, graduates are further required by the FAA to achieve a passing score on the FAA-administered Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT–SAT) test battery, attend the FAA academy (bypassing the first five weeks) and successfully complete the on-site initial qualification training.


To successfully complete this program in conjunction with a bachelor's degree from the College of Aeronautics, the following seven named courses (21 credit hours) must be completed either as required courses within a degree, as electives or as a combination of both.

AVS 1201 Aviation Meteorology 3
AVS 2101 Aerodynamics 3
AVT 1001 Aeronautics 1 3
AVT 4301 Aviation Safety 3
AVT 2201 National Airspace Systems 3
AVT 3201 Air Traffic Control 1 3
AVT 4302 Air Traffic Control 2 3