Communication Major

Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Communication

The communication major prepares graduates to meet today's ever-growing demand for skilled communicators who have specialized backgrounds in strategic communication with a focus on business, or science and technology. Coursework emphasizing business, or science and engineering augments a strong foundation in applied and conceptual courses that emphasize written and oral communication, theoretical communication and visual communication. Graduates of the communication major are able to create effective communication analyses and campaigns, write for a broad range of audiences about science and technology, and use multiple media platforms to effectively and ethically communicate to diverse publics.

Graduates specializing in strategic communication–business typically find employment in public relations, marketing, publications research, advertising, copywriting, editing, training and development, public information or customer relations. Graduates specializing in strategic communication–science and technology are typically employed as writers and editors for technical or scientific publications or organizations, documentation designers, technical publications specialists, instructional designers or proposal writers.

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