Make School a Vacation

Florida Tech Study Abroad

Florida Tech offers many diverse opportunities to study abroad that are fun and educational. Some of the exciting international academic programs include destinations such as England, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, and France!

Leadership on a whole new level!

Florida Tech ROTC

Florida Tech's ROTC program not only offers many scholarships, but also many other opportunities including Airborne Training School, Air Assault School, and many others all over the world!

Military Communication Internships

Leadership Training Develops Experience Outside the Classroom

Florida Tech communication students participate in many different activities outside the classroom to create a well-rounded college experience. These activities include such opportunities as a military communication internship.

An example is The Leadership Training Course. This military communication internship, available to all Florida Tech students, provides hands-on training with real Army personnel and equipment. Students earn various credit rewards for completion.

Outside of military communication internships, Florida Tech students also intern at many other companies, including:

  • NASA
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Harris Corp.
  • Northrop Grumman

Positions at these companies allow students to practice the skills they learn in the classroom in a real working environment.

In addition to military communication internships, other communication internships are also available in environments like those students may experience in a dynamic work environment. This could include:

  • WFIT-FM, the on-campus NPR station
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Corporate Public Information Offices
  • Florida Tech's Athletic Communications Office
  • Florida Tech's Office of Marketing and Communication
  • Florida Tech's Office of Admissions

Local newspapers, television stations and many other Brevard companies also provide opportunities for a communication internship to Florida Tech students.


Students can consider being part of faculty research when not involved in a military communication internship. Professors at Florida Tech have a variety of research interests including:

  • Corporate Communication Strategies
  • Reputation Management
  • Role of Popular Culture Artifacts on Collective Memory
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Communication and Social Issues

Be Part of the Panther Battalion

Students in degree programs with a military science option take part in the Reserve Officers' Corps Training (ROTC). As a part of Florida Tech's Panther Battalion, students join in regular physical and mental training to prepare them for a potential officer position in the United States Army after college.

Join Clubs and Organizations

Outside of research and a military communication internship, student organizations are the perfect way to network. The student-run newspaper, Crimson, is an opportunity to delve into the worlds of local, national, international and even entertainment news. Florida Tech's student television station, FITV, puts students in front of the green screen to broadcast the latest news and entertainment around campus. Florida Tech College Radio also allows students to create their own radio shows, including both talk and music programs.

Students looking for a creative outlet can take part in Kaleidoscope, a magazine that highlights a wide variety of art created by students seeking the opportunity to feel the rush of seeing their work published for the campus to see. A military communication internship and other activities like these enhance your degree and provide valuable hands-on experience.