Bachelor of Science
Hampton Roads, Patuxent, Eglin, Lake Nona, Fort Dix

Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management

The Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management is offered to students who hold an associate degree (minimum of 61 semester credit hours) or the equivalent in transferable credit from a regionally accredited institution. The logistics management major is suited to military personnel who will continue through the master's degree program in logistics management.

Degree Requirements

The degree is conferred on a student who has successfully completed 60 semester credit hours beyond the associate degree in accordance with the following requirements.

Program Prerequisites  (noncredit for this program) CREDITS
   Associate of arts degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited institution. 61
Required Courses (12 courses)
AVM 3303 Transportation Logistics 3
BUS 3401 Corporate Finance 3
BUS 3550 Supply Chain Management 3
BUS 3601 Marketing Principles 3
BUS 3704 Quantitative Methods 3
BUS 4502 Organization Behavior 3
BUS 4503 Business Ethics 3
BUS 4555   Procurement and Contract Management 3
BUS 4701   International Business 3
BUS 4702 Business Strategy and Policy 3
BUS 4788 Business Plan Researc (Q) 3
COM 3070 Professional Communication for Executives 3
   Restricted Electives (HUM) 6
   Restricted Electives (BUS–Logistics) 12
   Free Electives 6