Logistics Management Master's Degree

Bachelor of Science
Hampton Roads, Patuxent, Eglin, Lake Nona, Fort Dix, St. Petersburg, Roanoke
Major Code: 7880 Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science
Age Restriction: N Admission Status: undergraduate, Extended Studies
Delivery Mode/s: classroom only Location: Hampton Roads, Eglin AFB, Fort Dix, Lake Nona, Patuxent, Roanoke, St. Petersburg

The Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management is offered to students who hold an associate degree (minimum of 61 semester credit hours) or the equivalent in transferable credit from a regionally accredited institution. The logistics management major is suited to military personnel who will continue through the master's degree program in logistics management.

Degree Requirements

The degree is conferred on a student who has successfully completed 60 semester credit hours beyond the associate degree in accordance with the following requirements.

Program Prerequisite (noncredit for this program)

  • Associate of arts degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited institution.
Required Courses (12 courses)(36 Credit Hours)
  • AVM 3303 Transportation Logistics
    Credit Hours: 3
    Studies transportation and logistics management as a discipline concerned with efficient materials flow through the global industrial and economic system. Emphasizes managerial aspects of air transportation and logistics systems and serves as specialized education for those who plan careers in transportation or logistics.
  • BUS 3401 Corporate Finance
    Credit Hours: 3
    Surveys the components of the three basic issues that embody the financial management of a firm: capital budgeting, capital structure and short-term finance and net working capital. Also examines corporate governance, ethics and international issues.
  • BUS 3550 Supply Chain Management
    Credit Hours: 3
    Focuses on supply chain management (SCM) from a global perspective. Encompasses operations management, purchasing and logistics in managing the supply chain. Covers how supply chain processes and activities are optimized from suppliers to consumers.
  • BUS 3601 Marketing Principles
    Credit Hours: 3
    Examines the principles of marketing. Emphasizes the marketing concept, functions, consumer behavior, market segmentation, marketing strategy, marketing mixes, market research, marketing legislation and marketing control, as well as providing a foundation for higher-level courses in marketing.
  • BUS 3704 Quantitative Methods
    Credit Hours: 3
    Emphasizes management science and operations research techniques in solving managerial problems. Includes linear programming, sensitivity analysis, transportation and assignment problems, inventory models, CPM and PERT analysis, decision analysis and queuing analysis.
  • BUS 4502 Organizational Behavior and Theory
    Credit Hours: 3
    Overviews classical and contemporary approaches to organizational behavior and theory. Focus progresses from the micro (individual behavior) to macro (organizational processes, effectiveness and change). Special attention is given to group behavior.
  • BUS 4503 Business Ethics
    Credit Hours: 3
    Applies moral reasoning to work-related challenges encountered in modern organizations. Students consider personal values and organizational values in examining organizational culture as a metaphor for the moral environment of organization. Uses cases from business and government to help students practice.
  • BUS 4555 Procurement and Contract Management
    Credit Hours: 3
    Covers the principles and management processes by which organizations contract for goods and services. Emphasizes the procurement activities of the U.S. federal government. Includes legal requirements for the formation, performance and modification of a contract relationship, and how to prevent disputes, controversies and cost overruns.
  • BUS 4701 International Business
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces the environmental factors confronting managers in international operations: cultural, economic, legal, political and institutional determinants. Examines problems associated with managing organizational, financial, marketing and production policies in a global marketplace.
  • BUS 4702 Business Strategy and Policy
    Credit Hours: 3
    Reviews basic concepts and techniques used in formulating competitive strategy at the corporate, business and functional levels. Introduces business models to provide a learning experience in quantitative aspects of strategy formulation in a competitive environment.
    Must be taken in the final semester before graduation.
  • BUS 4788 Business Plan Research
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces research methods used to create viable business ventures. Begins with innovation and creativity, and proceeds to critical thinking through learned tools including marketing, operational, financial, organizational and strategic analyses. Culminates in a fully developed business plan.
  • COM 3070 Professional Communication for Executives
    Credit Hours: 3
    Covers interpersonal and group communication in the professions for future executives. Students prepare and deliver a variety of career-related presentations.
  • Restricted Electives (HUM) Credit Hours: 6
  • Restricted Electives (BUS-Logistics) Credit Hours: 12
  • Free Electives Credit Hours: 6
Total Credits Required: 60