Master of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Master of Science in Biological Sciences–Marine Biology

The Master of Science in Biology – Marine Biology prepares the student either for a professional career or for further graduate study. This goal is achieved through a balance of coursework and research activities.

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements and the process for applying are presented in the Academic Overview section of the university catalog. For this program, GRE scores (General Test only), three letters of recommendation and a statement of objectives are required. Admission decisions for fall semester enrollment are made by March 15, and for spring semester enrollment by October 1.

Degree Requirements

The master of science degree requires the successful completion of 30 credit hours, including formal coursework, presentation of a graduate thesis seminar, and preparation and oral defense of a thesis. The thesis involves the completion of original research of publishable quality.

The student's thesis research and program of study reflect the emphasis of the option. All thesis research is conducted under the direction of an advisor and an advisory committee. The advisory committee is composed of at least three members: two from the department (including the advisor) and one from another academic unit.


The advisor assists the student in devising a program of study. The latter requires approval by the Graduate Academic Steering Panel and the department head. The student must complete courses appropriate for the option. These can be chosen from the offerings of any academic unit in the College of Science, College of Engineering and College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. Students may register for no more than three credit hours of thesis each semester. Each student must present a departmental thesis seminar before graduation.

  Summary of Program Requirements

   Formal Coursework 18–24
   Biological Research 0–6
   Thesis 6