Master's in Computer Science

Master of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne, Orlando, Spaceport, Patuxent
Major Code: 8071 Degree Awarded: Master of Science
Age Restriction: N Admission Status: graduate, main campus, Extended Studies
Delivery Mode/s: classroom only Location/s: main campus, Orlando, Patuxent, Spaceport
Admission Materials: transcript, GRE  

This program offers a student the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in various areas of computer science. The program is designed for students with bachelor's degrees in computer science and provides a solid preparation for those who may pursue a doctorate. Master's students are encouraged to concentrate their studies in research areas of interest to faculty in the department.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have taken courses in differential and integral calculus, discrete mathematics, statistics and data structures and algorithms, as well as at least 12 semester credit hours of advanced coursework in undergraduate computer science. Admission may be granted with the stipulation that deficiencies are made up by taking the necessary extra courses. GRE scores (General Test only) are required. Students with English language deficiencies are only permitted to enroll in a restricted set of academic courses.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Computer Science requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of approved graduate study. Students are encouraged to complete and successfully defend a thesis. Students who decide not to write a thesis must pass a final program examination.

Summary of Degree Requirements
  • MTH 5051 Applied Discrete Mathematics
    Credit Hours: 3
    Logic fundamentals, induction, recursion, combinatorial mathematics, discrete probability, graph theory fundamentals, trees, connectivity and traversability. Applications from several fields of science and engineering, including computer science, operations research, and computer and electrical engineering.
  • Core Courses Credit Hours: 9
  • Elective Courses Credit Hours: 9
  • Advanced Elective Courses Credit Hours: 3
Select one course:*
  • CSE 5500 Computer Science Seminar
    Credit Hours: 0
    Presentations by faculty, graduate students and guest speakers on topics of current interest.
  • CSE 5501 Computer Sciences Internship
    Credit Hours: 0
    Industry-based internship experience under the supervision of a graduate faculty member, to provide professional experience for graduate students without prior experience in a practical information technology setting.
    At least nine graduate credit hours in computer sciences completed with at least a 3.0 GPA, and instructor approval
Select one course:
  • CSE 5999 Thesis
    Credit Hours: 3
    Research and preparation of a thesis under the direction of a member of the graduate faculty.
    A maximum of six credit hours may be applied toward the master of science degree requirements. Thesis supervisor approval
  • Advanced Elective courses Credit Hours: 6
Total Credits Required: 30

*Pass twice in any combination.

Core Courses (select three)
  • CSE 5210 Formal Languages and Automata Theory
    Credit Hours: 3
    Presents abstract models of computers (finite automata, pushdown automata and Turing machines) and the language classes they recognize or generate (regular, context-free and recursively enumerable). Also presents applications in compiler design, algorithms and complexity theory.
  • CSE 5211 Analysis of Algorithms
    Credit Hours: 3
    Presents time and space complexity of computer algorithms. Includes algorithm classes, such as divide-and-conquer, greedy, dynamic programming and backtracking; techniques for solving recurrence equations; graph algorithms; searching and sorting; and deterministic and nondeterministic polynomial time problem classes.
  • CSE 5231 Computer Networks
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces network design, protocol, function layering, networking architectures (TCP/IP, frame relay, ATM) and components (hubs, routers, switches), analytical issues (throughput, delay, bandwidth management, congestion and error control, sliding windows, retransmission strategies, contention resolution) and network traffic analysis methodologies.
  • CSE 5251 Compiler Theory and Design
    Credit Hours: 3
    Covers extensively the major topics of compiler design. Includes lexical analysis, scanner-generator tools, parsing, syntax-directed translation, static semantic checking, storage organizations, code generation and code optimization.
  • CSE 5290 Artificial Intelligence
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces the theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence, focusing on the areas of automated reasoning, search and heuristics. Introduces an AI language to implement concepts.

Elective courses are computer science or software engineering courses (CSE or SWE) numbered 5000 or above. Advanced elective courses are computer science (CSE) numbered 5600 or above and pre-approved SWE courses. All students must successfully complete at least 24 semester credit hours in computer science (CSE) or software engineering (SWE) courses.

The department excels in several specializations of computer science (computer security, computational intelligence, software testing). Students are encouraged to concentrate in a specialization by careful selection of elective courses.