Masters in Applied Mathematics

Master of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

The master's degree program in mathematics is designed to produce mathematicians with competence in analysis who have breadth and versatility in mathematics and its applications in related fields. To this end, students entering the master's program in mathematics are required to select an applied field in which they wish to develop some expertise and to complete six credit hours toward the degree from approved courses outside the mathematics curriculum. In addition, the master's program is organized so that students will have the freedom to select some of their mathematics electives to develop their own special interests and to complement their choice of applied field. The flexibility in the elective part of the curriculum allows some students the opportunity to achieve a breadth of experience in mathematics and its uses in physical and engineering sciences, computer science or operations research. At the same time, it will allow other students to achieve more knowledge in a particular area in which they may wish to develop expertise. In either case, the program is organized to help students obtain an appropriate background for industrial employment or to pursue further graduate studies toward the doctoral degree. In either case, students will benefit from the range of options that are available in the applied mathematics master's program.

Students are encouraged to consider which combination of elective mathematics courses are appropriate for their choice of applied specialization and to discuss the program with their advisers as soon as graduate study begins.

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