Masters in Environmental Education

Master of Science
Classroom, Field
Main Campus - Melbourne

Master of Science in Environmental Education

Environmental education is for individuals with experience and/or active interest in formal programs (i.e., schools) and nonformal programs (e.g., nature/environmental centers, agencies, parks, gardens, zoos and museums). The program is designed to provide graduate education in science and environmental content, as well as to expand and improve environmental education teaching skills. To this end, the program includes graduate coursework in environmental content, in environmental education and in educational research.

The master's degree program includes coursework in an environmental content concentration. Each concentration is designed around a unifying theme for the purpose of expanding environmental knowledge and skills pertinent to that theme (e.g., a disciplinary theme such as ecology; a natural resource theme such as estuaries; or a problem-oriented theme such as water quality). Concentrations reflect the academic and research strengths of programs within the university. Programs that offer coursework for inclusion in environmental content concentrations include ecology and marine biology; environmental science and environmental resources management; biological, chemical and geological oceanography; coastal zone management and marine environmental science. Further, to provide breadth to the development of knowledge and skills, concentrations are designed to include coursework in each of the following areas: ecology or another foundational science; environmental problems; environmental fieldwork or monitoring; and environmental policy, planning or management.

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