The Master of Science in Space Systems degree program is designed for professionals seeking a degree that prepares them with specific skills and competencies in space systems. The masters in space systems is relevant for students who expect to plan, design, build, integrate, test launch, operate or manage space systems, subsystems, launch vehicles, spacecraft, payload or ground systems. The core competencies of the masters in space systems include space propulsion, space power systems, space communications and data systems, space systems astrodynamics, space mission design and other topics related to space systems.

The objective of the masters in space systems degree program is to meet the growing demand for space systems skills among private, public and military sectors. There are several career paths for individuals who earn a masters in space systems, including space systems engineer, space systems operations, space systems research and other fields related to space systems. Graduates who earn a masters in space systems from Florida Tech have been hired by private and government organizations, including Harris Corporation, the U.S military and NASA among others.