Masters in Human Factors in Aviation

Master of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Master of Science in Aviation Human Factors

Human factors refers to the field of study that attempts to identify the principles of human/machine interaction, and applies these principles to the design and operation of engineered systems. Thus, the field is both a rigorous research domain rooted in cognitive, physiological and engineering theory, and an applied science with an intimate and direct connection to the operational world.

Although the range of engineered systems of interest in human factors is very wide, this degree concentrates on aviation-related human factors studies. Such studies range from aircraft cockpit design and aircraft maintenance methods and procedures to complex ground-based entities such as the National Airspace System. Human factors is now recognized as an indispensable component of systems design and evaluation, accident investigation and prevention, simulation, training, procedures development and system performance testing. Considerable research is being conducted in this field by government and private entities around the world.

In addition to its advantageous location on the Space Coast, Florida Tech has significant university assets that enhance its potential for aviation human factors research and education.

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