MBA - Information Technology Management

Master of Business Administration
Florida Tech Online
Major Code: 8332 Degree Awarded: Master of Business Administration
Delivery Mode(s): Online Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Graduate Location(s): Florida Tech Online
Admission Materials: GMAT, GRE recommended  

The Master of Business Administration - Information Technology Management degree program may be completed in two years or less and provides the high-level knowledge and range of skills to meet the challenges of today's complex global business.

Rooted in the case method approach, this intensive MBA program offers a uniquely collaborative, hands-on education.

The two-course sequence Essentials of Business Development 1 and 2 (BUS 5601 and BUS 5602) culminates in a fully integrated business plan. Each student has the opportunity to choose a business and progressively bring it to fruition through critical business concepts from statistics and managerial economics to marketing.

Students actively engage in case study analysis and exercise leadership and teamwork skills. In addition to the core business fundamentals, you'll gain specialized skills in strategic information technology and management. The program combines academic principles and practical, real-world applications to result in a solid business foundation.

Foundation Courses

The following foundation courses are required of all MBA students enrolled in their first semester at Florida Tech:

  • BUS 5601 Essentials of Business Development 1
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5602 Essentials of Business Development 2
    Credit Hours: 0

This two-course core sequence familiarizes students with the principle concepts and tools used in the main foundation disciplines of business, including accounting, financial statement analysis, economics, marketing, management principles, finance, business law and statistics. Students also learn how the various disciplines are integrated by completing two substantive projects. These courses can be completed in one semester and are designed not only for individuals with undergraduate degrees in business, but also for students with undergraduate degrees in other fields. Full-time international students must register for at least one additional course. For more information, international students should consult with the associate dean of academics.

Core Courses
  • BUS 5421 Managerial Economics
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5431 Managerial Accounting
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5440 Financial Management
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5450 Organizational Behavior
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5470 Marketing Management
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5460 Management Information Systems
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5610 Database Management Technology
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5611 Global Information Technology Management
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5618 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
    Credit Hours: 0
  • BUS 5480 Strategic Management
    Credit Hours: 0
Total Credits Required: 36