Master of Science
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Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The goal of the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is to prepare individuals for operational leadership within the private for-profit, nonprofit and local government sectors, including the military.

Admission Requirements

The applicant to the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program must have a bachelor's degree with an acceptable cumulative GPA from all regionally accredited colleges attended. Preferred applicants will have professional work experience or developing interest in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in supply chain management or logistics.

General admission requirements and the process for applying are discussed in the Academic Overview of the university catalog. Individuals who do not meet the stated requirements for regular admission may petition to take graduate courses for credit as a continuing education applicant.

Degree Requirements

The master's degree is conferred upon students who have successfully completed 30 credit hours in the core curriculum. Students with bachelor's degrees in areas other than business will be required to complete Essentials of Business Development 1 (BUS 5601) and Essentials of Business Development 2 (BUS 5602).

Students with undergraduate credits for courses that they believe are equivalent to the program prerequisites should consult with their advisor concerning waiver of those prerequisites.

Program Prerequisites (waived if undergraduate degree is in business) CREDITS
BUS 5601   Essentials of Business Development 1 3
BUS 5602 Essentials of Business Development 2 3

Note: In addition, computer literacy is required as a prerequisite. It can be demonstrated by the applicant’s undergraduate coursework, passing a proficiency examination offered by the extended studies department or by completing a suitable computer course.

Required Courses (10 courses) CREDITS
MGT 5001 Managerial Accounting 3
MGT 5002 Corporate Finance 3
MGT 5006 Introductory Managerial Statistics 3
MGT 5020 Applied Management Project* 3
MGT 5024 Production and Operations Management 3
MGT 5064 Cost and Economic Analysis 3
MGT 5065 Supply Chain Management 3
MGT 5069 Advanced Techniques in Supply Chain Management 3
MGT 5083 Global Supply Chain Management and International Logistics 3
MGT 5084 Materiel Acquisition Management 3


*Serves as the capstone course for this program.