MS - Acquisition and Contract Management

The Master of Science in Acquisition and Contract Management degree is designed for adult working professionals in the public and private sectors of acquisition and contract management. The curriculum provides coverage of federal procurement practices, current issues in contracting and contract administration, legal and financial aspects of government contracting and policy issues associated with acquisition and contract management. The core competencies of the masters in acquisition and contract management program include procurement management, purchasing systems, proposal evaluations, management cost reimbursable contracts, research commercial exploitation, managing contract disputes, contract administration, procurement practices, legal issues for contract inception, administration and dispute resolution, negotiation strategy and tactics, principles of cost reimbursable contracting and other topics related to acquisition and contract management.

There are several career paths available to individuals, who earn a master's in acquisition and contract management , including: purchasing officer, government agency contract administrator, contracting officer, program/project manager, program/project analyst, plant manager and operations manager among others. Graduates who earn a master's in acquisition and contract management from Florida Tech's have been hired by private, government and foreign organizations including; US Army, Australian Army, British Army, Greek Navy, Finnish Army, Huntington Ingalls Industries, U.S. Veterans Administration and others.