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The Master of Science in Logistics Management degree program is designed for professionals seeking a degree that prepares them with specific skills and competencies in logistics management. The masters in disaster relief logistics with a concentration in humanitarian and disaster relief focuses on conflict management, complex emergencies, risk mitigation and emergency procurement and contract management. The objective of this masters in logistics management is to meet the growing demand for logistics skills among private, public and military sectors faced with humanitarian and disaster relief logistical efforts. For members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce or Civilian Agencies Acquisition Workforce, the masters in disaster relief logistics integrates into both specific requirements of logistics related acquisition specialties and the more general objective to attain a master's degree in an appropriate discipline.

There are several career paths for individuals who earn a masters in disaster relief logistics, including logistics engineer, materials manager, operations research analyst, purchasing manager, supply chain manager, logistics software manager, industrial engineer and other fields related to logistics management and humanitarian and disaster relief.