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Location and Hours

The Registrar's Information Desk and Registration Center are located in the Center for Student Success on the first floor of Florida Tech Commons.

The Registrar's Office hours are 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday.

Registrar Staff Listing

University Registrar
Charlotte Young
Management of the Registrar's Office in the areas of supervision,
planning and coordinating office academic activities and
computer projects.
Phone: (321) 674-8115
Student Records Systems Analyst
Margie Shoemaker
Provides technical support to the campus community in the area
of student records data, coordinates academic dismissals process,
and provides administrative support to the Registrar's Office.
Phone: (321) 674-7398
University Catalog Office
Liz Fox
Produces the yearly university catalog; and maintains academic information,
catalog program plan database and registrar website.
Phone: (321) 674-8114
Registration Center
Caroline Johnston
Coordinates registration, class schedule changes and grade reports.
Phone: (321) 674-8118
Associate Registrar
Karin Almasi
Coordinates the activities of the Graduation and Records Offices.
Supervises degree audit/verification/graduation processes and
transfer credits.
Phone: (321) 674-7399
Graduation Office
Verifies completion of graduation requirements according to university
policies, orders diplomas and coordinates the graduation ceremony.
Phone: (321) 674-8116
Records Office
Maintains past and present student files and permanent academic
records according to the university Records Retention Policy, applies
university forgiveness policy, processes graduate and undergraduate
changes of major and authorized academic grade changes, and
issues transcripts.
Phone: (321) 674-8117
Undergraduate Transfer Credit
Teri Carty
Evaluates all undergraduate transfer credit.
Phone: (321) 674-7263
Scheduling Specialist
John Almasi
Schedules all classrooms and manages course scheduling
Phone: (321) 674-8594
Assistant Registrar
Jennifer Havery Johnson
Programs CAPP for student degree evaluations.
Phone: (321) 674-8017