Animal Use Committee - IACUC

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for the use of vertebrate animals or animal tissues obtained from non-commercial sources in research projects at Florida Tech.

Listed below are the Florida Tech Policies on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the Animal Use Application Forms, and a link to NIH's site regarding Laboratory Animal Welfare.

To obtain new IACUC approval, modify previously approved protocols (including personnel modifications), and submit annual progress reports, the principal investigator should complete the appropriate forms and submit it to

All inquiries regarding animal use requirements can be directed to

IACUC Protocol Submission Checklist:

Florida Tech IACUC Forms

Florida Tech IACUC Policies

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Dr. Christopher Bashur
Biomedical Engineering
(321) 674-8488
Dr. Trevor Zachariah
Attending Veterinarian
Brevard Zoo
(321) 254-9453
Institutional Officer
Office of Research

Ms. Amy Reaume
Conservation Coordinator Brevard Zoo
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Dr. Kunal Mitra
Biomedical Engineering
(321) 674-7131

Dr. Jonathan Shenker
Biological Sciences
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Mr. Barry M. Gursky
Oil-Dri Corp. of America
Ms. Leslie S. Smith
Physics & Space Sciences
 (321) 674-8795
Dr. Sherri Emer
Animal Program Compliance Officer
(321) 674-8493