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I-CORPS: Wake-UP-Word Speech Recognition Software Toolkit

The speech recognition software developed through this project is a specific way of using speech recognition to "trigger" required and necessary action from a computing system, using only speech instead of "push-to-talk buttons". Although speech recognition software is widely available, this technology, Wake-up-Word Speech Recognition software, has the potential to advance the industry as a hole and help people in general achieve their immediate goals much more easily and more efficiently.

The project team has worked on this technology for over a decade. The proposed speech recognition software will be used as a software tool-kit for software developers developing applications that fall into one of two categories:

  1. the access to the system is restricted or;
  2. access to the system is prohibited.

This Wake-Up-Word speech recognition tool-kit has the potential to make an impact in helping directly or indirectly impaired users such as quadriplegics, surgeons, operators wearing HAZMAT suits, remotely operated robotic vehicles, etc., where the same operation would be very difficult, and/or very expensive to perform, or not possible at all.

The world is slowly being controlled by voice activation and speech recognition, and usually it requires a physical trigger or button press which seems to undercut the power of voice control. But that distinction is fading away as we get more sophisticated technology that allows devices to recognize more voice commands without a physical prompt.