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Pending Memo/Authorized Financial Aid Information


Important Phone Numbers

Available Payment Methods/Mailing Address/Wiring Instructions


 Pending Memo/Authorized Financial Aid Information

MEMO ITEMS/AUTHORIZED FINANCIAL AID: These items are scheduled to pay into your student account on either the first day of classes or when funds are received by the University.  All Financial aid requirements must be met for these items to pay into your student account.

Memo/authorized financial aid for the current term will offset current term charges.  

Memo/authorized aid for future terms may show on your bill and be subtracted from the “Total Due”. HOWEVER, the aid will not pay into the student account until registration for that future term occurs.  If you are not registered for the future term, you must add the memo/authorized aid amount back to the total due to calculate your actual amount due.   

Pending Financial Aid Credit:  This information is provided for planning purposes and will apply to corresponding semester/term charges.


  • All charges may not have been assessed to student account.  Please check your PAWS account for current billed balance.
  • If you are on a Panther Payment Plan or Corporate Deferred Plan, please follow the specified payment schedule.
  • All outstanding balances must be paid before any financial hold can be removed for registration or transcripts released.
  • PENDING CHARGES:    This information is provided for planning purposes for future semester, not yet due.


Important Phone Numbers 

Panther Payment Plan: 1-321-674-7302 or 1-321-674-7428

Financial Aid: Phone: 1- 321-674-8070 or 24/7 Message Line: 1-800-666-4348

Florida Tech Campus Services (Housing/Meal Plans/Health Insurance):  1-321-674-8076

Graduate Extended Studies: 1-321-674-8880


Payment Methods

Please use this link to obtain all payment methods available http://www.fit.edu/sfs/bills.php