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Every year Florida Tech develops a thought-provoking poster, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related topics. Our 2016 poster, "What Were They Thinking?", illustrates some of the many factors that must be considered when designing a jet dragster race car, such as mass flow rate and downforce.

With the help of our Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Education & Interdisciplinary Studies departments, we’ve also developed a lesson plan which introduces students to one of the ways to use interdisciplinary studies to observe and enact the concept of propulsion through hands-on activities and analysis of the forces acting on an object in motion both vertically and horizontally. The lesson plan was:

  • Developed in the 5E format;
  • Refined by Master Teachers;
  • Checked for accuracy by professors from both the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Education & Interdisciplinary Studies departments;
  • Tested in real classes by both novice and experienced teachers.

In the menu to the right you'll find the links to the lesson plan. We welcome any feedback that you may have regarding the poster or lesson plan.

The Florida Tech Jet Dragster

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Courses may be taken along with any STEM degree program offered at Florida Tech. However, four-year UTeach plans have been developed specifically for the following programs:

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The mission of the mechanical and aerospace engineering department is to prepare our students to be successful professionals in the global industrial, research and/or academic environment. This is achieved via developing curricula that enable students to achieve four education objectives: academic fundamentals, engineering practices, teamwork and communication, and professional development.

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