Florida Institute of Technology

Communications and Web

The Communications and Web Team coordinates with eight other student teams to gather and distribute information regarding their individual projects. The material from these teams is then organized and developed into short articles for FIT’s Sustainability website. 

The purpose of the website is to promote sustainability across the Florida Tech campus. Five liaisons within the Communications Team collaborate with the other teams to inform the community of new and ongoing sustainability projects and events occurring on campus and in the surrounding area.

Members of the Communications Team help publicize student projects by gathering content (in the form of written word and photos) from the other teams and any sustainability-related events. Of course, many other benefits cascade across campus.

Committees Involved with Applied Sustainability

  • Recycling: The recycling group is currently working on expanding a workspace recycling pilot program and continuing to develop and promote on-going campus, dorm, and electronic recycling programs. 
  • Sustainable Buildings: This committee is working on a continuous project that will get buildings around campus LEED certified. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) is an internationally recognized green building program.
  • Dining Services: We are searching for ways to introduce certified coffee to the dining services. Through the Communications and Web Team, more signs and labels for recycling will be implemented in the Panther Dining Hall. The large televisions will be used to advertise ongoing student projects and sustainable events occurring throughout the campus.
  • Green Events: The green events team has been working in the community since 2012 to help organize sustainable operations for community events.  Students plan and execute initiatives designed to make the public more aware of sustainability and attempt to implement actual sustainable practices at the events.