Florida Institute of Technology

Sustainable Buildings

We, as the Sustainable Building group devote our passion and effort to continuously improve our level of professionalism. Sustainability signifies meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We will work hard to pick up where previous scholars have left off and finish what they have started.  While maintaining the highest level of integrity toward our; teachers, professional engineers and most of all each other.


To enhance occupational skills of students via projects with the Florida Tech Facilities Operations program to implement sustainable practices in the construction and operations of campus buildings.

Sustainable Building Certifications:


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the premiere certification for sustainable buildings in the United States. The LEED system uses the US Green Building Council to rank how environmentally and energy efficient a building is. There are many different buildings categories that can gain LEED certification, including but not limited to New Construction, Core and Shell, and Existing Building and Operation Maintenance. A LEED certification can take years to complete due to the rigor and expense of the differing ratings components.  On a college campus, it can be less expensive to accomplish EBOM (Exisiting Building Operations and Maintenance) certification. Another building certification program is the Florida Green Building Coalition. It is designed to be a somewhat more attainable and less expensive alternative to LEED, allowing recognition for sustainable practices with less upfront investment.

Sustainability Buildings, Campus-wide

Buildings are one of the biggest energy consumers and pollution generators in society – but that is changing.  Universities “build the future” and are exercising leadership in sustainable construction.  F.I.T.’s academic sustainability program has built unique student-staff partnerships to assist the campus Facilities Operations professionals in their new building initiatives.  This new generation of campus sustainability is fostered in part by incentive-based models involving quality certifications.  At the same time many best practices in building design and operations have been implemented without formal certification.  As a center of higher education and research in Florida it is our obligation to be an early and strong advocate of sustainable design, green policies and practices.

Scott Center for Autism Treatment

Scott Center for Autism Treatment

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment was the first building at Florida Institute of Technology to be formally built to LEED certification specifications.  The Scott Center is now a major community hub and for treating autism and helping caregivers, in a 20,000 sq ft, sustainably designed environment.

Florida Tech Aquatic Center

Panther Aquatic CenterA student team is working with Facilities Operations and outside contractors to achieve New Construction LEED certification for the Florida Tech Aquatic Center.  We are in the later stages of completing remaining credits.  The building is challenging because it is a swimming pool with associated high energy and water consumption.  We are aiming for at least a Certified rating (40-49 approved credits).  Students from F.I.T.’s Applied Sustainability course have worked with Facilities Operations on this project for several years.

Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts

We are scoping potential LEED certification for the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts in the category of Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (EBOM).  An inventory of credits that can be achieved is being developed based on current and past certification efforts by students and staff.  The Funk Center was built to many sustainable building standards and can potentially be a model for other EBOM certification efforts around campus.  We are reducing operational costs through the implementation of practices that earn selected energy, water, and air quality credits.  Success with this project at either LEED or FGBC levels is in the long-term interest of FIT.  All Florida Tech Panthers have a stake in the indoor and outdoor quality of our buildings.  In these and other manners, LEED EBOM certification is good business.