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5-Star Services

5-Star Services


Flordia Tech I Give 5-Star Service

Giving 5-Star Guest Service to Everyone We Meet

The 5-Star Guest Services model offers us the tools to GIVE 5-Star Service to each and every person we meet. The program teaches us how to be proactive—anticipating each encounter with creative and positive solutions focused on the needs of our guests and their families.

Overall Objectives and Goals

Our objective is to employ practical approaches to always give 5-star service. The ultimate goal … a guest knows who we are as an organization, and our values, just by meeting one Florida Tech team member.

The specific objectives to meet this goal are:

  • Identify the guest—Students are not the only guest at Florida Tech, but an extremely important one
  • Recognize the difference between poor, good and excellent guest service— How is it different?
  • Employ service that exceeds our guest’s expectations
  • Identify and assess the behaviors that trigger a negative atmosphere
  • Implement practical solutions to challenging circumstances and guest complaints that bring a quick and agreeable resolution
  • Contribute to the achievements of the Florida Tech Center for Student Success team, our students and overall atmosphere

The student is...

5-Star Guest Services Training by Savage Performance