Advisory Council

About the Council

The 5-Star Guest Service Advisory Council supports Florida Tech’s Center for Student Success (CSS) guest services. The council serves as a resource for creating and sustaining a culture of 5-star guest service, including identifying guest service needs, providing professional development opportunities, and assisting in planning and implementation of 5-star service. As an important part of the Center for Student Success, the Advisory Council promotes guest service excellence through training and education.

Council membership includes one representative from each department in the Center for Student Success. Eventually, involvement may extend to faculty, students, alumni, parents, and members of the local community.


Cindy Dubey Greg Graham Aly Keller Whitney Prescott
Julia Querry Amy Rivera Adrienne Stewart Marivi Walker

The Role of a Council Member

The council provides assistance and recommendations for the continuous improvement of guest services within the CSS environment. Council members assist in developing activities and completing requirements for service excellence programs. Members also support the design, development, implementation and monitoring of a 5-star guest service culture.

Professionals with specific knowledge, experience and motivation in service excellence are selected to serve as members of this council to ensure programs are current and relevant to CSS’s environmental needs. Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the “Always GIVE 5-Star” Guest Services Training Program
  • Reviewing and recommending program goals and objectives
  • Participating in program evaluation and recommending evaluation criteria
  • Assessing guest service standards to ensure compatibility with business and industry standards
  • Assessing, recommending, and/or providing updates to employees
  • Reviewing reports and feedback regarding guest services
  • Conducting guest service surveys
  • Identifying new and emerging ways to provide 5-star service
  • Recommending new ideas or elimination of obsolete programs
  • Assisting in short- and long-term planning for guest service improvement
  • Promoting the 5-Star Guest Service program to Florida Tech employees, students, the local community, and the media
  • Assisting in recognizing outstanding students, teachers, and community leaders who perform 5-Star Guest Service
  • Assisting in developing a marketing plan to create long-lasting branding that ultimately becomes the culture of CSS
  • Developing incentive programs to motivate and reinforce exceptional 5-star service at the CSS and beyond
  • Establishing awards and rewards for those providing guest service excellence
  • Providing shadowing experiences and mentoring for new employees
  • Providing input for ways to integrate universal guest services excellence

Become a Council Member

Any staff member who works in the Center for Student Success is eligible. The only requirement is a willingness to acquire knowledge, skills and experience, and consistently model the 5-Star Service program.

You can nominate yourself or be nominated by a peer. Each nominee must be endorsed by his or her supervisor. You are not required to serve and may decline the nomination.

If more nominations are received than needed, the final selection will be made by lottery.

The total council membership shall consist of one representative from each of following units:

  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Graduate Admissions
  • International Admissions
  • Registrar
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Services
  • International Student & Scholar Services
  • Student Accounting
  • Career Management Services
  • Enrollment Management
  • Council Chair

Term Limit

Members serve a two-year term. Terms are staggered so that half of the council membership is replaced each year.

Download the Nomination Form