You've given 5-Star Service and received an appreciation card. Now what do you do with them?

You can turn in one card or choose to accrue more and turn in for the reward you are saving up for! Below is a list of all rewards and how many cards are needed to redeem. Thank you for your 5-Star Service! Keep up the great work.

1 Appreciation Card3 Appreciation Cards5 Appreciation Cards10 Appreciation Cards
5-Star writing pen 1 Movie ticket 5-Star Travel Mug Coffee GIft Card
5-Star phone pocket Free Meal at Panther Dining 5-Star "Tervis" Cup Gas Gift Card
      Restaurant Gift Card

*** If you receive 15 or more cards in a year you will automatically be nominated to be the 5-Star Employee of the Year!
To redeem please see Aly Keller at the front desk of the Center for Student Success.

Winners for April's nominations were:

Publix Gift Card: Renee Couperthwaite in Career Management Services
Publix Gift Card: Leah Litwiniec in Career Management Services
Publix Gift Card: Julia Querry in Student Financial Services

Winners for the "I Give 5-Star Service" trivia game were:

Leslie Funck in Business and Retail Operations
Amy Rivera in Graduate Admissions
Pam Mills in Undergraduate Admissions
Margie Porter in Undergraduate Admissions
Kathleen Lang in Financial Aid
Michele Scott in Financial Aid