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Assistant Behavior Analyst Graduate Certificate Instructional Requirements

BCaBA Courses

5th Edition VCS Grid (View the Verified Course Sequence Grid)

Our four-semester Assistant Behavior Analyst Graduate Certificate meets the instructional requirements for the BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® VCS #51229) credential. The BCaBA credential also requires a bachelor’s degree and supervised fieldwork experience. In each semester, students take four credits with the three-credit course running the first part of the term and the one-credit course running the second.

Semester BCaBA Verified Course Sequence (16 credits over 4 semesters (approx. 16 mos.)) Credits

*  $495 per credit hour
Semester 1 BEH5041: Introduction to Concepts & Principles of Behavior Analysis 3 $495/credit hr = $1485
BEH5044: Ethics for Behavior Analysts 1 1 $495/credit hr = $495 
Semester 2 BEH5043: Measurement and Experimental Design in Behavior Analysis 3 $495/credit hr = $1485 
BEH5047: Introduction to Assessment and Intervention 1 $495/credit hr = $495  
Semester 3 BEH5048: Assessment & Behavior Change Procedures for Skill Acquisition & Performance Improvement 3 $495/credit hr = $1485 
BEH5050: Supervision & Management Fundamentals 1 $495/credit hr = $495  
Semester 4 BEH5049: Assessment & Behavior Change Procedures for Behavior Reduction 3 $495/credit hr = $1485 
BEH5045: Ethics for Behavior Analysts 2 1 $495/credit hr = $495  
  Program Total: $7920

*The university's board of trustees has approved these tuition and fees for the academic year 2020–2021. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

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