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There's a simple reason Florida Tech is known as Florida's STEM UniversityTM.

To put it simply: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are in our DNA. This makes STEM a driving force behind who we are, what we do, and why we exist.

We put together the following list to help you explore all of the STEM-related academics, activities, and opportunities available at Florida Tech.

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STEM News and Stories

Under the Sea
A Florida Tech oceanography student and researcher was recently part of a historical event taking place under our seas.
Student Ameerah Alsulami a Rising Star in Her Homeland (and On Campus)
Florida Tech can thank Mother Nature for Ameerah Alsulami. A native of Saudi Arabia, Alsulami ’20 MS first came to the United States (along with her brother) in late 2018 to join her sister at DePaul University in Chicago. Not a fan of winter, she found herself in a place known for its ferocious and …
In the (Sea)weeds
A grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is funding research at Florida Tech that could address sargassum growth on beaches.
Adopt, Resist or Adapt Artificial Intelligence?
Assistant professor Jignya Patel discusses the changing landscape of artificial intelligence and its potential impacts.
Pre-College STEM Program Offers Summer Learning for High School Students
Six-week program for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors provides chemistry, calculus, physics and algebra courses.
Rescue to the Research: An Update on Mateo the Spider Monkey
With the help of Mateo, the orphaned monkey Florida Tech helped to re-home in 2020, university researchers are learning about the complex social relationships of primates and how those dynamics may illuminate human behavior.
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