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About Florida Institute of Technology

STEM Excellence Now And Forever

There's a simple reason Florida Tech is known as Florida's STEM UniversityTM.

To put it simply: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are in our DNA. This makes STEM a driving force behind who we are, what we do, and why we exist.

We put together the following list to help you explore all of the STEM-related academics, activities, and opportunities available at Florida Tech.

STEM Academics

STEM Activities

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STEM News and Stories

Florida Tech Finds Corals in Murky Water Less Affected by Temperature Stress
Findings could help focus global conservation efforts on reef colonies that are likely to survive through thermal stress events.

Florida Tech Awarded NASA Grant to Improve Solar Radiation Forecasting
Radiation from solar energy particles can affect astronauts working in space, spacecraft electronics, GPS signals and even jetliners on polar routes.

Florida Tech, Florida Prep Launch Dual Enrollment Program
The program allows Florida Prep students to complete 21 dual-enrollment credits at Florida Tech and to earn a private pilot license from F.I.T. Aviation.

Florida Tech Researchers Find Megadroughts Fueled Cloud Forest Activity
The research also finds that water quality improved after land returned to natural state, indicating some damaging ecosystem impacts are reversible.

New Study of Sebastian Inlet Confirms Link Between Sea Level, Sand Volume
The findings can be employed by coastal communities as part of coastal resiliency planning, so the reach of the study extends well beyond the research area.

Florida Tech Hosts High School Business Ethics Event Nov. 21
The competition is designed to encourage students to explore the subject of ethics and reflect on how ethical principles are related to decision-making.