STEM Excellence Now And Forever

There's a simple reason Florida Tech is known as Florida's STEM UniversityTM.

To put it simply: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are in our DNA. This makes STEM a driving force behind who we are, what we do, and why we exist.

We put together the following list to help you explore all of the STEM-related academics, activities, and opportunities available at Florida Tech.

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STEM News and Stories

SVGS Studies to Continue on ISS Through October Launch
New technology developed by Florida Tech and NASA will be launched to the International Space Station later this month.
463 Misperceptions of Opposite Sex Body Image
Research by Lei, Xue & Perrett, David (2020). Misperceptions of opposite‐sex preferences for thinness and muscularity. British Journal of Psychology, 112(1), 247–264. Written by Robin N. Fatovic M.S. Do men and women have accurate perceptions about body type preferences? Psychology researchers showed 3D images of people with different bodies to 170 white, young adults …
Florida Tech Receives $5.1 Million Gift to Name Health Sciences Center
Florida Tech’s newest facility will be named the Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences building, honoring the longtime dean and professor.
462 Coordination in Conversation
Research by Mastroianni, Adam; Gilbert, Daniel; Cooney, Gus;& Wilson, Timothy (2021). Do conversations end when people want them to? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,118(10). Written by Robin N. Fatovic M.S. Do you feel awkward when ending a conversation? Researchers studied how people decide when to close their conversations. In study one, 800 …
“The College Tour” Series Featuring Florida Tech Now Free to View
The first season is now available on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service, and on The College Tour's mobile app and website.
461 Fatigue at Work
Research by Kim, Sooyeol; Cho, Seonghee;& Park, Youngah (2021). Daily microbreaks in a self-regulatory resources lens: Perceived health climate as a contextual moderator via microbreak autonomy.Journal of Applied Psychology Written by Robin N. Fatovic M.S. Do you feel like a zombie at work? Psychology researchers explored the relationship between poor sleep and the amount …