Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center

About Us


Our Mission

We support the University mission by providing peer tutoring, writing assistance, and instruction in the use of academic strategies to promote a learning environment where undergraduate students may develop to their fullest potential.

How do peer tutors support the mission of the Academic Support Center?

  • Provide an undergraduate perspective on learning at the university that includes the use of campus resources and department initiatives to promote academic success
  • Support fellow students’ quest for knowledge and understanding through the use of student-centric academic strategies
  • Share subject-specific skills and techniques to help students realize success in their courses
  • Promote an environment of learning and academic discourse via knowledge of campus resources and participation in peer tutor professional development
  • Engage students in the learning process via active listening, constructive questioning, and critical thinking

The Academic Support Center serves the students and provides resources to enable academic success at Florida Tech. We are located adjacent to the teaching auditorium (P-133) of the Evans Library Pavilion. The Testing Center is at the south entrance, and the Tutoring Center is at the north entrance.

Our Services

  • One-to-one, one-hour tutoring sessions in most undergraduate courses, particularly business, chemistry, computer science, and physics.
  • One-to-one assistance from English instructors who help students improve communication skills by answering questions and reviewing written work.
  • One-to-one assistance in core self-management skills such as goal setting, time management, note-taking methods, and exam review strategies
  • Supplemental Instruction sessions in cooperation with academic departments for challenging courses such as General Chemistry 1
  • Study groups of three or more students who meet in advance of exams to prepare based upon material provided by departments
  • Community outreach to local 6-12 grade students who need help in mathematics and science
  • Academic alerts that allow faculty to contact advisors and ASC staff when a student requires
  • Counseling students who need help with their studies or with campus life as it relates to their studies
  • Midterm progress reports to students
  • Liaison between students and academic units

Meet the staff

Rodd Newcombe, Director
Ext. 7110                                                                                                                                                        

Rodd assists students regarding class/instructor conflicts, uncertainty regarding college major choice, college adjustment, or issues resulting in academic probation status.

Kawanda Rembert, Associate Director
Ext. 7115

Kawanda manages issues specifically relating to peer tutoring, campus academic resources, time management, and peer tutoring assessment. Kawanda coordinates peer tutor certifications for ASC tutors and manages various social media platforms to inform the campus regarding upcoming group studies and academic workshops.

Shirley Czekanski, Administrative Assistant II
Ext. 7110
Taylor Hetherington, Administrative Assistant  I
Ext. 8009
Marcia Denius, Professor

Prof. Denius assists students with their grammer and writing skills, and she edits student essays in all subjects. She also leads seminars throughout the semester, reviewing the basics of grammer, the rhetorical modes, writing research papers, and writing for different disciplines.