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Academic Support Center


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Peer Tutoring at the ASC

The Academic Support Center is diligently working to provide the same or better tutoring assistance to the Florida Tech student body virtually.  We are currently offering remote tutoring for subjects such as physics, chemistry, aviation, fundamentals of development w/C++, various engineering courses, and writing.  Our tutors are eagerly waiting to assist your academic needs, whether it’s to review your homework, prepare for an exam, or simply help ensure your understanding of the course material.  Make a tutoring appointment online or call our office at 321-674-7110 and we will assist you with setting up your remote tutoring session.  Our tutors have flexible schedules so please contact our office if your availability differs from the times listed.  Don’t be lame, make your appointment today!

Summer 2020 Tutoring Flyer

Why Peer Tutoring?

Peer tutoring allows students to work with other Florida Tech students to learn together and reinforce learning strategies in a relaxed space that is both academic and social. Working with a peer tutor can encourage students to ask questions and seek solutions that they may not consider in the formal classroom or office setting.

Peer tutors at the ASC are trained according to guidelines established by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The ongoing professional development ensures that both students and tutors have the necessary knowledge and resources to work to the best of their abilities.

Successful students understand and use their resources on campus, which can include peer tutoring and group study sessions. Tutoring, either through individual sessions or group meetings, helps students by providing an opportunity to reflect and review in a multimodal and socially engaging environment. Peer tutoring and group study give students the chance to review material in a more flexible and sometimes less intimidating environment with current Florida Tech students who can relate to the demands and pressures of university life and academic expectations. Meeting with a writing instructor can help students meet the challenges presented in communications courses.

Make a Tutoring Appointment

Stop by the Academic Support Center to learn more, or make an appointment online. Consider making peer tutoring or group study sessions part of your academic success plan at the beginning of your academic career.

How to Prepare for a Tutoring Session

To prepare for a tutoring session, students should bring textbooks, notes, completed homework, study guides, and graded quizzes or exams. Having material from the course gives both the student and the tutor a starting point for the tutoring session. Students should expect to work through problems, draw diagrams, engage in discussions and explanations, and participate actively in the tutoring session. The ASC has a limited number of textbooks for courses, so students should bring their own material or devices to access ebooks. 

Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

Peer tutors at the ASC are undergraduate students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a grade of A in the courses they wish to tutor. The ASC takes volunteers throughout the semester and posts openings through Career Management Services for paid tutoring positions. Students who are interested in volunteering can stop by the ASC and speak with a staff member about the training and peer tutor certification process.

Off-Campus Tutoring

The ASC provides a limited number of tutoring appointments for middle school and high school students during the academic year. Students are limited to one appointment per week; this service is provided at no cost to the community. For more information, please call our office at 321-674-7110.

Make a Tutoring Appointment