Link Foundation Fellowship in Modeling, Simulation and Training Frequently Asked Questions

General and Essay

  • I am not sure if my research is a good fit for this fellowship. Can you tell me more about what areas of research the Link Foundation is interested in funding?

    For the Modeling, Simulation, and Training Fellowship, the Foundation is especially interested in research that is ultimately applicable to human‐in‐the‐loop simulation. Areas of research emphasis include

    • Developing or applying technologies that enables or improves modeling and simulation

    • Modeling and simulating interactive, real‐world environments in which people function

    • Training and preparing individuals to perform in interactive environments through the use of simulators

    Please read the information on the web site carefully about what the Foundation is interested in funding. You should also review the topics that have been funded for fellowships on the Projects Awarded page. As the researcher, it is up to you to explain to the judges how your research fits into these areas of emphasis. There is additional information in the Fellowship’s flyer, available here and on the Program Guideline page.

  • Is there a requirement on the format for the essay portion? Can I use images?

    There is no format requirement. APA is preferred. The file submitted must be in PDF format. Yes, images may be used.

Project Objective, Timeline and Budget

  • For the budget plan, since the fellowship is explicitly given as a stipend, I am not certain about what information should be included.

    The budget is for your research and is not how you will spend the stipend. A good budget shows us you have a well‐planned project and are more likely to be successful in your work.

  • How detailed should the project objectives be?

    The project objectives and timeline help show us how well you have planned and understand your project. Most applicants have one page for this.

  • Should project objectives simply be listed and described? What are you looking for in terms of project objectives?

    We are looking to assess your probability of success. This is also a good place to put in information that doesn’t fit in the 500 word essay. Format is your choice.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Can I change my advisor?

    Yes. You will need to change it in two places. First in your profile. And then in the letters of recommendation.

  • May the associate dean/department head write the letter of recommendation instead of the dean?

    The Foundation requests the letter of recommendation come from the dean. With a letter of recommendation from the dean, you and your research get visibility at the highest level in your college. An assurance for financial support should come from the highest level so the dean is aware, and agrees with, this agreement. We may allow an exception on a case‐by‐case basis. Email the fellowship administrator if you need an exception.

  • Recommenders are not be able to upload their letters. How do they submit their letters?

    If this should occur, have your recommender email their letter, in pdf are on letterhead with an original signature directly to . Have them include applicant’s name and project title in the email.

  • What should a dean’s letter of support include?

    • Verification that there are adequate facilities for the applicant's research.
    • Statement that acknowledges that "the university will provide or arrange for additional tuition support, if needed, from institutional resources as a condition of accepting the fellowship"

    This information is sent to the dean with the automatic request for a recommendation.

  • What should the research advisor’s letter of support include?

    • Verification that the applicant will be a full‐time Ph.D. student during the fellowship year
    • Where the applicant is in the Ph.D. process
    • Whether the proposed research will lead directly to completion of the applicant’s dissertation.

    These details are in addition to explaining why you and your research are worthy of receiving the Link Fellowship. A strong letter from your research advisor is one of the most important pieces of your application.

Submission Process

  • The deadline is 15th Jan (11:59pm). Is this pacific time or eastern standard time?

    Eastern Standard Time

  • I have loaded everything and tried to submit it several times without success.

    The submit button will not show complete unless everything, including the letters of recommendation have been received. If you believe there is a problem, email and we will get back to you regarding the progress of the application and attempt to fix it from our side.

  • How can I confirm everything is complete for my application?

    The web site, there are green checkmarks as each piece of the application are received. The application process will not be complete until all the letters of reference are in.

    After the deadline, we will review your application and confirm that it is complete or let you know what is missing. Once we confirm your application package is complete, you won’t hear anything until we announce the winners in late March.