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Climate Tipping Point in the Amazon - Virtual Lunch & Learn Lecture

Presented by Florida Tech Professor of Biology, Dr. Mark Bush | Hosted by the Florida Tech Alumni Association

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Time: 12:00pm EDT (Noon)

Event Description

Join the Alumni Association and Florida Tech biology professor Dr. Mark Bush for a virtual lunch & learn lecture on how human activity is impacting the vast Amazonian rainforest. His new research finds that this invaluable region is nearing a catastrophic ecological tipping point and could be replaced by savanna, which is grassland with a few trees, within our lifetime. “Warming alone could induce the tipping point by mid-century, but if the present policies that turn a blind eye to forest destruction aren’t stopped, we could reach the tipping point much sooner,” Bush says. “Beyond the loss of wildlife, the cascading effects of losing Amazonian rainforest would alter rainfall across the hemisphere. This is not a remote problem, but one of global importance and critical significance to food security that should concern us all.”

An opportunity for discussion will follow the lecture.

Faculty Bio

Dr. Bush is a professor of biology, ocean engineering, and marine sciences for the Institute of Global Ecology at Florida Tech. He has more than 30 years’ experience in working on the biogeography and paleoecology of tropical systems. His current research focuses on using paleoecology to look at all aspects of South and Central American ecology in the Quaternary Period (the last 1.8 million years). He serves as editor for the Journal of Biogeography and on the editorial board of The Holocene and Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. He has published over 150 papers on tropical ecology and climate change, and 2 books. Click here to read his full faculty profile.

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