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Florida Tech Book Club

Ever wish you could rewind back to your college years and take your favorite Lit professor's class again... but WITHOUT all the tests and essays?? Well, this is your chance!

The Florida Tech Alumni Association is excited to announce that we've collaborated with current Humanities professors to bring you the Florida Tech Book Club! This is open to all interested alumni, faculty/staff, and students, bringing all of our Panthers together to enjoy reading books (both fiction and non-fiction) from various genres, discussion, and insight from our esteemed faculty.

How will this work? Over the summer, a professor will lead a book for a month. Each professor will offer a few titles to choose from and the group will VOTE on which book we'd like to read together.

June - Dr. Gordon Patterson
July - Dr. Andy Stanfield
August - Dr. Angela Tenga

We will schedule LIVE book discussions via Zoom to be led by the professor, and links will be posted on our private Facebook Group page. The amount of live Zoom meetings will be determined by each professor, depending upon the book chosen.

To participate, join the Facebook Group, where members can can start a discussion on the group wall and participants can comment at their leisure.

You can participate as much as you want! If you like the book one month, but don't like the book the following month, choose when you want to participate and when you don't. It's up to you!

We hope that you enjoy this fun summer activity and take advantage of this time to learn from our incredible faculty—and reconnect with your fellow Panthers!