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Biomedical Sciences At Florida Tech

A woman student in a lab coat and protective eyewear works in the lab.Welcome to the Biomedical Sciences Program! These are truly exciting times in the field of Biomedicine. The development of new tools, including CRISPR, have been transformative for our capacity biomedical research. Strong public support is enabling exciting new discoveries in academic laboratories. Significant investments by industry are transforming these discoveries into medical advances. Together, these provide plentiful job opportunities for our students. These encouraging trends have been further strengthened by the recent pandemic.

Two students reviewing researchThe biomedical sciences program at Florida Tech spans basic cellular and molecular biology, biotechnology, and translational research approaches towards understanding, preventing, and treating human diseases. Focus areas in the program include aging, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

The program offers the following degrees: PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, MS in Cell and Molecular Biology, MS in Cell and Molecular Biology, MS in Biotechnology, BS in Biochemistry, BS in Genomics and Molecular Genetics, and BS in Biomedical Science. The program is housed in the Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences Building and the F.W. Olin Life Sciences Building. Facilities include research and teaching laboratories, a molecular biology core facility and an advanced imaging center.

Biomedical Sciences FacultyResearchers working in dry lab


List of Faculty Members

Dr Melissa Borgen, Assistant Professor

Dr Julia Grimwade, Emeritus Professor

Dr Eric Guisbert, Associate Professor and Program Chair

Dr Karen Kim Guisbert, Assistant Professor

Dr Alan Leonard, Emeritus Professor

Dr Kenia Nunes, Associate Professor

Dr Andrew Palmer, Associate Professor

Dr Charles Polson, Associate Professor

Dr Shaohua Xu, Associate Professor

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