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BME Students – Best in Show, 2017 Students Design Showcase

Students take on 3D Bioprinting

3D bioprinting has captivated both pop culture and science for decades with its potential to restore and create organs. Caeron Hume, Rahmatul Mahmoud, Prabhuti Kharel, Daniela Friere and Pamela Forero are a team of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering students that built a 3D bioprinter, known as Caracal, for their student design project. Caracal recently won the President’s Cup Award at the 2017 Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase.

Stellaris - Non-Invasive Glucose Meter

Living with diabetes isn’t easy, but a team of biomedical engineering majors is trying to make life a bit more painless for sufferers. “A patient with diabetes has to constantly prick their finger to get a drop of blood, and put it on an electrochemical strip to measure their glucose. However, we designed a method to alleviate this,” said Trevor Schmitt, biomedical engineering major and project leader for Stellaris – a non-invasive glucose meter. The judges at the 2017 Northrop Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase found the idea so novel that they award the team the Northrop Award for the College of Engineering.

Camara Casson Announced as 2017 Farmer Scholarship Recipient to study Biomedical Engineering

Florida Institute of Technology has named Camara Lyn Casson the 2017 recipient of its most prestigious financial award, the Farmer Scholarship. Casson said she was attracted to biomedical engineering for reasons both personal and professional. “And many medical issues need to be addressed in this day and age, and I would love to tackle some of those issues, especially neural diseases and injuries considering a family member of mine is a quadriplegic,” she said. “I ultimately want to work within a tissue-engineering field doing research on those medical conditions.”

Florida Institute of Technology recognized the Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter as the Organization of the Year for significant accomplishments and contributions that students has made to the University. Congratulations to the members of the society including President Maria F. Sagastume, Vice-President Kimberly Juriga, Secretary Trista Phelps, Treasurer Pamela Forero, Public Relations Daniela Freire.

Florida Tech Professor Named AAAS Fellow

Ted Conway, head of Florida Tech's Department of Biomedical Engineering, is one of 347 Fellows named by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2015

BME students and faculty are in attendance at the BMES 2015 annual meeting to give oral and/or poster presentations (10-09-2015):

  1.  Photo-Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules within Electrospun Scaffolds for Modulating Vascular Cells. Authors: Eden K. Michael, Aatish Patel, Nawodi Abeyrathna, Yi Liao, Chris A. Bashur  (Oral Presentation)
  2.  Highly Aligned Elastin Incorporated Collagen Fibers for Vascular Tissue Engineering. Authors: Thuy-Uyen Nguyen, Chris A. Bashur, Vipuil Kishore  (Poster Presentation)
  3.  Dispersive Raman Spectroscopy to Assess Protein Incorporation and Cellular Remodeling of Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts. Authors: Krystal R. Kerney, Andrea S. Theus, Michael Fenn, Chris A. Bashur  (Poster Presentation)
  4.  Impact of Electrospun Conduit Composition on Vascular Graft Production and Remodeling after Aortal Implantation. Authors: Mozhgan Shojaee, Karamveer Birthare, Chris Bashur  (Poster Presentation)
  5.  Investigating the Melanoma Extracellular Matrix Environment. Authors: Michael B. Fenn, Gouchang Ye, Aysan Abedinpoor, Sudipta Seal, Soumen Das, Vipuil Kishore  (Poster Presentation)
  6.  Optimizing Gold-Silica Nanostars for Multiplexed Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Mapping. Authors: Michael B. Fenn, Niksa Roki, Jose Gomez-Feria Ferreiro  (Poster Presentation)
  7.  Simulation Based Design of Scalp Cooling Systems to Prevent Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia. Authors: Bradley Pliskow, Kunal Mitra, P.h.D, Mehmet Kaya, P.h.D.  (Oral Presentation)
  8.  Design and Implementation of a Portable ECG Signal Transmission Prototype. Authors: Seyedmohsen Dehghanojamahalleh, Mehmet Kaya  (Poster Presentation)
  9.  Incorporation of Nano-sized Bioactive Glass Enhances the Mechanical Properties of Electrochemically Aligned Collagen Fibers. Authors: Meet J. Pastakia, Thuy-Uyen Nguyen, Vipuil Kishore  (Oral Presentation)
  10.  Electrochemical Compaction Yields Transparent and Stable Collagen Matrices for Corneal Applications. Authors: Ranjani Iyer, Vipuil Kishore  (Oral Presentation)
  11.  Development of Non-invasive Method for Cerebrovascular Regulation Assessment. Authors: Miller, S., Richmond, I., Borgos, J., and Mitra, K.  (Poster Presentation)
  12.  Biofabrication of a Vascular Network: Applying AC Electrospinning to 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering. Authors: Victoria Gilchrist, Ryan Bailey, Scott Baskerville, Ian McClure, and Michael Weng Kwan  (Poster Presentation)

Florida Tech Joins BioFlorida

Membership Strengthens Student, Faculty Access to Resources MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Institute of Technology has joined BioFlorida, the statewide trade association for the bioscience industry. BioFlorida allows Florida Tech faculty and student researchers to tap into an industry specific forum focusing on biotech and pharmaceutical issues as well as medical device research and development, while […]

Additional Highlights

Congratulations to Dr. Carlos Martino for being awarded an AFOSR grant for his project titled: Quantum Coherence in Reactive Oxygen Species Biology (start day 10/01/2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Fenn and Dr. Vipuil Kishore for being awarded an NIH grant for 3-D Printed Biomimetic Bioglass Gradient Matrices for ACL Reconstruction (08-01-2017)

BME graduate student Likitha Somasekhar attended the SB3C conference this summer in National Harbor, MD to present a poster on Analyzing effects of chemotherapeutic drug for the prevention of chemotherapy induced alopecia.  Authors: Likitha Somasekar, Cristina Chavarriaga, Carlos Martino, and Kunal Mitra. (09-15-2016)

Congratulations to our Department Head, Dr. Ted Conway, for being accepted as a 2015 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (FAAAS) in Engineering. He will be recognized for his contributions to science and technology at the Fellows Forum to be held on February 13, 2016 during the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. (12/02/2015)

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Bashur for being awarded an NSF grant for Novel biomaterials with light-controlled CO release for modulation of endothelial cells (10-09-2015)

  1. Alessandra Carriero featured in the ORS Connect article Watching Bones Get Stronger: view the full article. (06-16-2015)


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