Neural Engineering

Neural Engineering refers to the application of engineering principles and techniques to study and characterize the nervous system. Neural engineering include both experimental and computational approaches.

At Florida Tech, the neural engineering research is focused towards gaining a deeper understanding on how the brain controls movement and how movement is affected by different neurological diseases. The end goal of our research is to develop novel disease modifying therapies.

Movement Estimation and Analysis Laboratory

The movement estimation and analysis laboratory focuses on understanding how neurological diseases and trauma affect movement. Our vision is to develop new technology to facilitate the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of neurological disorders such as stroke and Parkinson's disease.

We use computational models and machine learning to estimate movement and analyze large datasets to identify differences between healthy controls and individuals with diseases. This information is used to create predictive models that facilitate disease detection and estimation of severity.

We are also investigating different approaches for remote assessment of neurological diseases that facilitate self-assessment and reduce potentially fragile individuals' exposure to the dangers associated with clinical settings.

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