Process Design And Optimization

Process design and optimization is one of the most applied sectors of chemical engineering. Based on the results generated from benchtop batch or continuous system, we could design a full-scale plant and optimize the process parameters and perfrom technoeconomical assessment (TEA). Florida Tech has license for ASPEN Plus software, which is often used in the Chemical Engineering for process design, optimization, and economic assessment. Drs. Whitlow and Reza from Chemical Engineering are performing Process Design and Optimization of various chemical engineering processes.

Technoeconomic Assessment Of Hydrothermal Carbonization Of Wastes

In Reza Research Group,  TEA of hydrothermal carbonization process is performed for various applications including solid fuel production, nutrient recovery, and adsorbnent preparations. In many cases, the HTC process is integrated with existing technologies (e.g., air classification, pelletization) and conduct overall economic assessment of the biomass processing technologies. 

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