Florida Tech Chemistry

Chemistry Faculty And Staff

All phone numbers use area code 321. Faculty offices are located in the Olin Physical Sciences building (OPS), Olin Life Sciences (OLS), and Olin Engineering Center (OEC). The Chemistry Resource Center (CRC) is in Quad building 405. See the campus map for building locations. The chemistry program fax number is 674-8951.

Chemistry Program Chair

Jessica Smeltz
Program Chair and Assistant Professor

Chemistry Faculty

Boris Akhremitchev
Associate Professor
Alan B. Brown
Associate Professor
Andy Knight
Professor and Department Head (BCES)
Yi Liao
Gordon Nelson
University Professor
Nasri Nesnas
Pavithra Pathirathna
Assistant Professor
Roberto Peverati
Assistant Professor
Stephen Smith
Teaching Assistant Professor
Norito Takenaka
Associate Professor
Robert Usselman
Assistant Professor
Rudi Wehmschulte


Wilma Cohen
Administrative Assistant
Katherine A. Legg
Laboratory Manager I

Chemistry Faculty Emerita and Emeriti

Michael Babich
Professor Emeritus
J. Clayton Baum
Professor Emeritus
Joshua Rokach
Professor, Director of the Claude Pepper Institute for Aging and Therapeutic Research
Mary L. Sohn
Professor Emeritus
Joel Olson
Associate Emeritus

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