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Florida Tech community: Please view the Florida Tech Safe website for important COVID-19 information and "Return to Learn" plan details.

Business & Retail Operations


Bulk Mailing

Due to new barcoding requirments by USPS,Mail Services no longer process bulk mailings on campus.These must be processed through an off campus vendor.If you need assistance with locating a vendor,please do not hesitate to contact us. 

All bulk mailings require 10 days advance notice before being dropped at the Melbourne Post Office—BMEU, (Bulk Mail Entry Unit). Mailings will NOT be accepted without prior approval. 

Complete and submit the Bulk Mail Approval Form and return to Mail Services via campus mail.

Campus Mail

The service is designed to deliver U.S. mail and campus mail to all departments, staff members, and students. The service is established to deliver mail in a place of business, and the content of delivered mail should relate to the official business of the University.

Customer Assistance

The Mailroom staff is available for consultation regarding mail preparation and addressing. The campus community is encouraged to call the Mailroom with specific questions or to arrange for an on-site visit.

Mail Pickup and Delivery

The mail is picked up and delivered at scheduled times from the Mailroom to the campus community, off-site locations, and the Melbourne Post Office. Routes are occasionally revised due to changes in mail volume and flow. Please coordinate with the Mailroom to arrange for the pickup of an unusually large amount of outgoing mail or large packages and boxes.


Package received by the Florida Tech Mailroom will be held for 30 days after which it will be returned to sender.


Outgoing mail that requires postage is processed through a meter machine in the Mailroom. Metered mail should be separated from other mail. Metered mail must be delivered to the U.S. Post Office the same day it is metered.


**International packages and all priority, APO,FPO,DPO  weighing more than 1 lb. REQUIRE a  customs form to be filled out online. Handwritten forms will NOT be accepted. The link for filling out the form is included below.Please print the form, sign and bring ALLcopies to the Mail room with your package.

Additional help can be found here:

Please be aware all countries have different restrictions on what goods they allow in to their country. Use the following link to check

if your item is allowed or not. Click on the blue country code and look under prohibitions and restrictions.

Please be aware lithium batteries are NOT allowed to be sent Internationally.USPS regulations prohibit the outbound international mailing of lithium batteries and devices containing lithium batteries. This prohibition also extends to the mailing of lithium batteries to and from APO, FPO, and DPO locations. Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods by the United Nations and are banned from international air space.

 Please come by the mail room if you need additional help.