Momentum Student Business Incubator

A student business incubator is a facility on campus meant for the development of business ideas in a closed and productive environment. It is here that students can learn the pros and cons towards starting a business, as well as what may be needed from them. 

Here at Florida Tech, Momentum assists students in creating new business ventures, generating economic growth, and initiating new jobs in the marketplace. This will primarily be accomplished through the Incubator, a 2,400 square foot office space that includes work spaces for students, conference facilities, office equipment, and access to a network of extremely competent volunteer mentors to assist students in the creation of successful new businesses. 

The Florida Tech Student Business Incubator was launched by Dr. Scott Benjamin in response to political talk about creating jobs and stimulating new business growth. Dr. Benjamin serves as the Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship and New Business Development and has been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years. He started and owns a medical consulting company, a real estate development company, and several successful restaurants. He returned to academia with a mission of changing the way entrepreneurial education is taught at the university level.

Meet the Team

The goal of the Student Business Incubator is to combine the experience of highly innovative engineering students with the knowledge of process driven business students, highly qualified business mentors, and venture capital to create outstanding revenue producing businesses. It is with this thought that we attempt to create a highly skilled network of support for students to use as they develop their businesses.

Dr. Scott Benjamin

Benjamin, ScottDr. Scott Benjamin is a successful entrepreneur turned academic whose passions include helping students create and launch business ventures. He received his undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and real estate from the University of Miami and his masters of business administration from the University of Maryland. After 20 years of business ventures including real estate development & investment, continuing medical education, hospital supplies, and restaurants, he earned his doctorate degree in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from the University of Maryland.

In addition to currently serving as a principle for Signature Properties, he is actively involved the development of several companies providing a range of products including software, consulting services and apparel development. As time allows, Dr. Benjamin consults for several companies on strategic management issues, business plan review, and negotiation.

Dr. Robert Keimer

Keimer, BobBob Keimer is an Instructor of Management in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech. Previously, he served as an Adjunct Instructor in the College, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business start-ups, sales, marketing, and management. He holds a bachelor's and master’s degree from Columbia University.

Bob is an entrepreneur with extensive teaching, training, and business consulting experience. He is the CEO of The TGZ Group, LLC, and a founding partner in Airgonomix, LLC. His business regions ranged from $26M to $60M in revenue and up to 150 employees. Bob started his career working in his family’s construction business.

Luke Henning

Henning, LukeLuke Henning is an Instructor in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, as well as the current Vice President of Strategy for Tyton BioEnergy Systems in Indian Harbor Beach. 

Henning has brought his entrepreneurial mindset to many corporations around the world, and now works to teach entrepreneurial thinking to students at Florida Tech. While at Oxford, Dr. Henning was a founding member of the SBS Seed Fund, used to provide support and funding to student business ideas at Oxford. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong with Dr. Henning, and he works closely with students to better prepare them for the rigors of running a business.

Thomas Haynie

Thomas Haynie is an entrepreneurially minded individual, as well as a University Innovation Fellow. As a senior in the College of Business studying Entrepreneurship, Thomas has had the opportunity to help shape the entrepreneurial landscape on campus and has worked tirelessly with the Small Business Incubator to turn it into what it is today. 

Additionally, Thomas Haynie has launched 2 businesses and a non-profit through the Student Business Incubator and plans on staying in the area to help other students after finishing his degree.

Alexander Rumsey

Alexander Rumsey is an advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurship. He is currently a senior in the College of Business studying Business Administration. His education has given her the opportunity to grow and further understand many industries and entrepreneurship.

While working at the SBI he helped in the efforts to rebrand it to Momentum Student Business Incubator, and in the establishment of the annual Business Model Canvas Competition at Florida Tech. Having worked with the SBI for over 3 years, he has seen a variety of business go through the SBI and become successful, including his own, Luxo Consulting.