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Florida Tech Summer Camps

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2019 Summer Camps Schedule

Use the table below to find the camps you're intersted in. Make use of the sorting and search functions to narrow down your options and click on the camp's name for more details and to register! 

Camp schedules and offerings do change from time to time when necessary. Please click on the name of the camp you're intersted in for the most up to date information.

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Type Name Description Gender Ages Cost Dates
Athletic Youth Soccer Camp Soccer players get a crash course in soccer techniques and game competition. Led by the Florida Tech coaching staff. Coed 4-13 $115 - $235 June 3–6; June 10–13; July 29–Aug. 1
Athletic Women's Soccer Residential ID Camp Includes technical training sessions that recreate the collegiate soccer environment, evening games and lectures on the college recruitment process. Female 14 - 21 $350 - $400 June 16 - 18
Athletic Men's Soccer Residential ID Camp Incorporates technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game with focus on preparing for the collegiate level. Male 13 - 21 $399 June 12 - 14
Athletic All Sports/Water Camp Teaches basic to advanced skills in swimming, plus instruction and play in other sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball and more. Coed 6 - 16 $140 June 3 - 7
Athletic Snorkeling Camp Teaches fundamentals of snorkeling, including proper usage of mask, fins and snorkel. All skills are intermingled with pool games. Coed 6 - 13 $140 June 10 - 14
Athletic Women's Basketball Camp Players have the opportunity to practice basic fundamental skills, and learn more about strategy and offensive and defensive systems. Female 7th - 12th grades $150 June 10 - 14
Athletic Boys' Basketball Camp Develop fundamental skills through individual competitions and team games. Led by Florida Tech coaching staff and players. Male 6 - 17 $225 July 6–10; July 15–19; July 29–Aug. 2
Athletic Boys' Basketball Team Camp High schools from around the state, plus several international groups, compete for the camp championship decided on the final night. Male Varsity/JV Teams $500 July 11 - 14
Athletic Softball Camp This camp covers all fundamentals of the game including throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and all defensive positions. Female 8 - 14 $140 - $260 June 10–13; June 17–20
Athletic Softball Prospects Camp This camp is designed to prepare high-school athletes to play at the collegiate level. Female 7th - 12th grades $450 - $550 June 24 - 27
Athletic Youth Football Camp Players participate in fun skill-building activities including receiver and offensive line drills, agility and quarterback training and an obstacle course. Male 2nd - 8th grades $200 June 10–13; June 24–27
Athletic Football Prospect Camp Puts college-bound players to the test with drills like the broad jump and 40-yard dash, plus 1-on-1's and group drills. Male 9th grade - Junior College $40 - $50 June 14; June 21
Athletic Athletic Training Camp Students learn a wide variety of athletic training and emergency care skills from the Florida Tech athletic training staff. Coed 13 - 18 $75 July 8 - 12
Athletic Spike Swing Swim Camp Children learn various group sport activities, primarily focused on tennis, swimming and volleyball. Coed 8 - 12 $400 June 10 - 14
Athletic Tennis and Chess Camp Learn fundamentals of tennis as well as chess and enjoy time to cool down during the day at Panther Aquatic Center. Coed 8 - 12 $175 - $350 June 3 - 7
Athletic Women's Lacrosse Camp Lacrosse players get a crash course in lacrosse techniques and game competition. Led by the Florida Tech coaching staff. Female 11-13 $75 June 3
Athletic Men's Lacrosse Fundamentals Camp Learn current college fundamentals from NCAA players and coaches. Campers will be grouped by skill level and work on game specific fundamentals at a pace catered to personal skill development and understanding. Male 10 - 18 $160 June 12 - 14
Athletic Men's Lacrosse College Prep Advanced Skill And Iq Camp Enhance your Lax IQ and gain knowledge on the current NCAA game. Learn advanced skills from current and former College players and coaches. Male 14 - 18 $225 June 12 - 14
Athletic Men's Lacrosse Advanced Goalie Camp University coaching staff and team goaltenders work with a small group of campers through individual lessons and group sessions to dissect and advance your technique and IQ. Male 13 - 18 $100 June 12 - 14
Athletic Men's Lacrosse Shooting And Dodging Clinic University Coaching Staff works with players to build fluid mechanics and muscle memory through quality reps. Emphasis on proper 2 man game, spacing, dodging angles, collarbone passing and shooting technique. Male 13 - 18 $80 June 12 - 14
Athletic Men's Lacrosse Defensive IQ Camp University Coaching Staff and current players help campers gain valuable understanding of basic and complex defensive schemes. Learn advanced techniques and how to apply them to live play. Male 13 - 18 $80 June 12 - 14
Academic Basic Flight Camp Showcases a variety of aviation careers and teaches students about the dynamics of aircraft and the principles of flight. Coed 11 - 14 $600 June 3 - 7
Academic Advanced Flight Camp Explore more advanced aspects of aviation from aircraft simulators to air traffic control and more. Coed 15 - 18 $675 June 17–21; July 8–12
Academic Aviation Aerospace Camp Highlights aviation and aerospace with fun, educational activities such as constructing model rockets and flights in Florida Tech aircraft. Coed 14 - 18 $750 July 15 - 19
Academic Engineering Camp Students witness laboratory demonstrations, conduct well-designed experiments and learn about a wide variety of engineering fields and careers. Coed 15 - 18 $1350 - $1925 June 24–28; July 7–12
Academic Marine Science & Coastal Engineering Camp Campers are involved in hands-on activities and field trips to learn about many aspects of marine and environmental science. Coed 10 - 18 $600 - $1000 June 24 - 29
Academic GEMS Camp Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS) provides an opportunity for hands-on experience at the cutting edge of STEM fields. Female 14 - 18 $1000 July 6 - 14
Academic Computer Science Alpha Students get to learn about programming by telling stories and making movies and games using the revolutionary Alice software. Coed 14 - 18 $160 July 15 - 19
Academic Computer Science Beta Students learn to solve real-life problems by designing and writing computer programs in Java. Some prior programming experience (e.g. Alice) is assumed. Coed 14 - 18 $160 July 22 - 26
Art Foosaner Art Camp Students learn about a wide variety of different kinds of art and hone their own artistic skills. Coed PreK - 6th grade $80 - $240 June 4–7; June 11–14; June 18–21; July 2–5; July 9–12; July 16 – 19
Art Foosaner Art Camp Students learn about a wide variety of different kinds of art and hone their own artistic skills. Coed PreK - 9th grade $80 - $240 June 25–28; July 23–26