Florida Tech Campus

Room Change Form

Room change requests will be accepted via the Housing webpage the THIRD WEEK of the semester January 27 thru the 31th, this is a one (1) week window to request a change. Space is limited and reassignment is not guaranteed.

Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and processed on an individual basis pending space availability. You are encouraged to work with your RA and RD staff to assist you with any roommate concerns you may be experiencing.

If a room change is granted the resident requesting the room change has 48 hours to complete the room change and return initial room key(s). To complete the room change, the resident must check out of current room with a member of the Residence Life staff, sign the Check-In Check-Out Form, and turn in the current room key(s). Failure to check out of the residence hall room or changing a room assignment without prior approval may result in a minimum of $150 fine for an illegal room change.

The resident requesting the room change is the resident who is required to relocate to a new room. A resident cannot request that his/her roommate(s) be moved out.

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