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Career Services

Current Student Resources


Career Services provides a wide variety of services designed to meet the career and employment needs of Florida Tech students. 

Online Resources

Besides this website, we offer other online services:

  • Handshake
    Handshake is our main job resource database for full-time and part-time professional jobs, as well as internships and co-ops, for students and alumni. With Handshake, you can search for job opportunities based on your interests, major or geographic location. Additionally, you can maintain your résumé, schedule appointments, report work experiences, and keep updated with all of the on-campus career events.
    Getting Started on Handshake
    •  Activate your Handshake account by following all of the steps provided. 
      • Students: Log on to, click on the "Florida Institute of Technology Login" button, and enter your TRACKS ID
      • Alumni: Log on to, click the "Sign up for an Account" link, and enter your email address
      • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Your account activation/registration will not be complete until you confirm your account via the link provided in the email.
    • Once you have activated your account, you can log in by either: 
      • Visiting this website and clicking on the Handshake button on the right side-bar menu
      • OR visiting
      • OR Logging into your ACCESS profile, clicking on the Student Services tab, and clicking the Handshake button
    • Upload your résumé & update your account:
      • Click on "Documents" located in the left side-bar menu. Click "Add New Document" to upload your résumé (PDF or Word version preferred).
      • Once you have uploaded your résumé, you can begin to build your profile. Handshake
        will use the information from your résumé to get your profile started. You can edit any of the information (make sure to check for accuracy), and then fill in any other blank areas as you wish. Pay close attention to your major and GPA (if included) for accuracy.
    • Begin your job search, and much more!
      • Search and apply for full-time, part-time, internship, or co-op positions
      • Register and learn about employer recruiting events
      • Schedule appointments for résumé reviews, job search, or co-op assistance
      • Register and learn about Career Services skillshops
      • Report your work experience(s)
  • This online system is a comprehensive resource for managing your job search, including job postings, company contacts, document management, job search calendar and organizer. Students or alumni with a Florida Tech email address can create a free account to use this system.
  • O*Net Interest Profiler
    If you aren't certain about the major you selected or are concerned about what your job prospects are with your major, you can take this in-depth assessment to find your strengths and discover your interests. If you would like to discuss your results with a career advisor, you can make an appointment to do so.

Our Services

  • Résumé Reviews
    Our office offers résumé reviews and cover letter critiques.* Periodically, we host employers who will offer their expertise for résumé  reviews, from a recruiters perspective.
  • Job Search Assistance
    For personalized assistance with your job search, our career advisors can meet with you to discuss your options and provide guidance.*
  • Mock Interviews
    If you have an upcoming job interview, we can help you practice your interviewing skills.*
  • Workshops/Skillshops, Webinars and Meetups
    Throughout the school year, we host interactive workshops/skillshops, webinars, and meetups around campus. Topics include job search assistance, résumé writing, interviewing techniques, salary negotiation, networking strategies, and career planning. You can also view our library of recorded workshops.
  • Employer Events
    Several times during the school year, we host employers on campus to speak to students about their company and highlight any positions for which they are currently recruiting.
  • On-Campus Interviews
    The on-campus recruiting program gives employers the opportunity to interview Florida Tech students to recruit top talent.
  • Fall and Spring Career Expos
    Our office coordinates fall and spring semester career expos for employers to meet qualified prospects in person and for students to seek out full-time or internship opportunities. 

Our Programs

In addition to our services, we assist in helping students engage in work experience programs before they graduate.

  • Co-Op Program
    Co-op is designed to provide qualified students excellent, practical professional preparation in their chosen field of study through a series of engaging work experiences. Students can complete up to three semester-long paid work experiences related to their major and career interests while still earning a bachelor's degree.
  • This federally-funded program gives students the opportunity to earn work experience while they are attending school. 
  • Host a Panther Externship Program
    Students can work with our employer partners during academic breaks through our job shadowing program to learn more about a particular industry, gain workplace experience, and build their professional network.

Individual Career Assistance

For personal assistance with any part of your job search, you can make an appointment on Handshake and select a time that's convenient for you. If you are having trouble making your appointment, you can click on our Handshake Appointment Quick Guide or send us an email at

If you are an Online or Extended Studies Division student, visit the Online and DES Students section for more information about individualized career services. 

*All students and alumni must be registered with Career Services on Handshake before requesting an appointment. Before scheduling an appointment, we encourage you to check out our online Career Resource Center.


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