Florida Tech Campus

Career Services

International Student Employment Information

International students are frequently interested in gaining practical work experience before and after they graduate, but there are many regulations and requirements that must be considered.  Please contact  for more information on eligibility.

On-Campus Employment

  • International students are typically eligible to work on campus in College Roll positions.
  • Please review ISSS information regarding On-Campus Employment eligibility requirements.
  • If you are eligible to seek employment on campus, you can apply for College Roll positions through your Access Florida Tech account. 

Off-Campus Employment

  • International students who are interested in seeking employment off-campus must consult with ISSS to determine their eligibility to seek off-campus employment.  Please review the off-campus employment information on their website for more information. Many international students will join the Co-op Program to meet requirements.
  • Career Services can provide assistance with job searching, including access to job postings, assistance with résumé writing, and interviewing skills, as well as other resources to assist in finding internships or professional employment off campus. Email us at career@fit.edu or log into your Handshake account to make an appointment.
  • International students should activate their accounts on Handshake when eligible to seek employment off campus.  
  • Additionally, international students can explore the list of employer who have hire Florida Tech students in the past.

Job Search Resources

Career Services provides a wide variety of services designed to meet the career and employment needs of Florida Tech students.  These job search resources are free for Florida Tech students to use.

Additionally, GlobalMe School offers online courses, both paid and free, that can aid international students in their job search.